Friday, March 24, 2006


I just finished re-watching the game. Sports fans in the State of Washington are the Job of Sports Fans. This is absurd, when does are day come. Here is the breakdown.

  • You have to foul. We have talked about this one thousand times on Locked on Sports. It is a mathmatical no brainer. If you lead by three with less then 7 seconds you have to foul. It is criminal not to and it cost Washington the game. This is a classic example of coaches coaching scared. Coaches don't foul because they are scared of the worst case scenario no matter how rare it might be. Coaches need to be smarter. In this case Lorenzo cost Washington a trip to the Elite 8 because he coached out of fear from a past experience.

  • The amount of mistakes down the stretch by Washington were unreal. Again we have talked all year on the coaches show about how do you maintain aggressiveness and be smart. The Huskies failed this balance and it cost them the game. Here is the sequence.

  • Up 6 with 1:28 left the Huskies have the ball on a rebound but in traffic Mike Jensen can't get the ball out and throws a bad pass to Dentmon out of bounds. The next play leads to Bobby Jones fouling out.
    Up 5 with :35 seconds left after a Jensen miss UConn pushes it up and Jensen sags into the lane leaving UConn's best three point shooter open for a bomb.
    Up 4 with :11 seconds left Jensen fouls Williams on a drive and gives up and three point play to make it a one point game. The extra point becomes the difference on the final possession. Jensen fouls out.
    Up 3 the Huskies decided not to foul and we head to overtime.

    In overtime, the Officials miss a goaltending, but down 2 the Huskies panicked when they got gift and threw the ball away.

  • The Huskies coaches did a great job with their defensive game plan. They doubled the pick n roll and forced the ball out of the hands of UConn's primary ball handlers. It was fantastic. It forced 26 turnovers and for all intent and purpose it won the game.

  • Jamal Williams was fantastic. His one on one game was unstoppable. He kept the Dawgs in the game when Roy was on the bench.

  • The real killer is that Washington played great and matched UConn every step of the way. It proves Washington was good enough go to the Final Four and they may have been good enough to win it.

  • UConn really struggled on the offensive end. I said on 950,KJR today that if the Dawgs controlled the defensive glass they could stop UConn and for the most part they did that.

  • On NBA Draft day when someone drafts Rudy Gay over Brandon Roy because of potential it will be a crime. Roy showed what a night in and night out stud he is again in this game. Gay showed how he rarely turns on the switch.

  • Ryan Appelby made a great steal and there was a defender in his way that forced him to curl out. It is a minor deal, but that is a great play by the UConn player. He threw the pass away and instead of sulking he quickly stepped out on the floor and cut off Appleby's path. It kept the play alive and forced the turnover. Little Things.

  • One of the key times of the game was early in the second half when Washington had a real chance to blow it out and they got greedy shooting long threes and missed all of them. With 17:00 left Washington forced four straight turnovers up 8 and weren't able to convert any of the four. Roy missed a drive,Jones missed a three, Williams missed a fade away and Dentom missed a deep quick three. All bad shots. Two of those and Washington would have been up 12 or more and rolling. Then two possessions later up 10 Roy missed a lay-up off a turnover that would have put them up 12. Then another turnvoer and the Huskies threw it away on an in-bound pass which lead to a Roy foul that would be costly. This was the key to the whole game.

  • The double techinical that knocked Roy out of the game for 6 minutes was on the upcoming sequence. The officials didn't have to call it, but it was a mistake by Roy to be in that situation.

  • Finally, this is another great season for Romar and Washington. To make the Sweet Sixteen in back to back years is really special. The pain comes because last year if Washington had played Louisville 10 times they would have lost 9 of them, if this year's team played UConn 10 times I think they would win 6 of them.

    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    47-23, 34-18, 19-31...NO RESPECT!

    Sonic EJ said...

    UConn is clearly the best team this year and tonight we proved we belong with the big boys of college basketball...I couldn't be more proud of the whole team. What Coach Romar has done with this program is such a short amount of time is simply amazing.

    However, I think it is important to remember that the best programs win with class and lose with class...UConn deserves credit for the win.


    Anonymous said...

    Gonna be nice when the rest of the USA finds out Gonzaga is from Washington...

    or the refs, at least...

    then we'll have to start filing missing persons reports during tourney time for Gonzaga

    Anonymous said...

    This may be a bit harsh, but I'm so happy that I'll never have to watch Mike Jensen in a Husky uniform again. As Locke makes painfully clear, he almost single-handedly blew the last two minutes of the game. That foul on Williams was utterly inexcusable. If you don't give up a three points on that possession, you can't lose if you hit free throws.

    r1cster77 said...

    Huskies had U-Conn beat till 2 bad choices by 1 playa: 1. Jenson woulda been better served driving to the hoop rather than heaving a lame 3, a charge woulda been more acceptable than the brick he threw up.
    2. Jensens silly foul that followed moments after "the" brick gave them a 3 point play, thus the chance at victory. Had Jensen not fouled, the u-conn 3 that followed prolly woulda been a mute point(s)and our dawgs could/woulda held on fer victory.
    UW HAD overcome some of the werst officiating i've seen since "the" super bowl.
    I give U-Conn all the credit in the world for hanging in there and plugging away, but when will we have players NOT beating trhemselves like Jensen did. In my minds eyes, Jensen undid a lot of the good he had done after recovering from shoulder injury w/ some of the most boneheaded play i've seen in quite sometime!

    -A. said...

    That sound bite of Elise, "Let's me tell you that was the worst *bleepin'* call I have seen!!!" Should be played over and over and over.

    I agree with most of everything Locke wrote, but... WOW!!!

    That no-call goaltedning was inexcusable.


    Myk said...

    -- I don't see why it is clear that UConn is the best team in the country. UW played a good game but nowhere near its best and thoroughly outplayed UConn.

    -- Jensen made some bad plays, but give me a break. This kid gave his heart for four years to the program, never complaining about points, always guarding guys who were bigger or stronger than them and most of the time he did it very well. Do not call him on the carpet and say it has ruined his legacy because that is just stupid.

    -- I have a hard time blaming the refs for the fouls because you have to turn around and look at the Illini game. However I found it odd that we did take more inside shots than UConn and still didn't get many calls.

    -- I feel that Calhoun influenced the refs and I think that is pitiful. To be bitching and moaning in the first half about calls when your team has 14 more FTs is just lame.

    -- It was a sad moment last night when I realized this was the last time I would see BRoy, Bobby, Jensen and Jamal play their last game. Especially Broy and Bobby who I wish we could clone and make every player play with the effort, class and selflessness they did. Great year guys...

    -- BRoy to the Sonics as the heir apparent to Rashard Lewis...

    '71Husky said...

    Thank-you KJR for doing whatever was needed technically so that the radio broadcast was pretty close to the TV broadcast...much more fun to listen that way. The ending was sad, but What a Game! Our Huskies at least looked like it was fun some of time, while UCONN's kids looked either mad or indifferent (at least early-on). I vote for B. Roy going to the Sonics.

    Anonymous said...

    Who said anything about Jensen ruining his legacy? Mike has certainly done some good things here, and is to be commended for going toe to toe with players who have outsized him. But let's call a spade a spade -- he has always been a shaky decision maker and has always been unsound with the ball in his hands. Those traits reared their head with a vengeance in the final two minutes last night and cost UW the game.

    Anonymous said...

    Huskies another great year...with more to come (even better years) it was heart breaking to watch that game end the way it did. Free throw descrepency was insane i know the Illinois game was similar in our favor but theres a huge difference between aggressive play and horrible officiating. I just dont understand how this could happen to seattle teams over and over again. This is too much to take in a 3month span first the Super Bowl now this well i just cant wait till next year!

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    godtomsatan said...

    A bummer.

    Good news is that one of these tourneys, Romar will get past this point.

    Too bad Brandon Roy couldn't have had the opportunity.

    BIGnate said...

    uw got screwed, phantom foul in ot when the uconn player went down tripped over his own feet got two shots, the missed goaltending call, jensen with that terrible foul. I give Anderson credit though he tied it up with a great shot.

    But that t on Roy was brutal, no need to call that. Bottom line is UW should have won this game by 10 or more, I'm glad Uconn lost to George Mason. Roy is the most complete college player and will make a great NBAer.


    Myk said...


    I am just referring to this quote:

    "This may be a bit harsh, but I'm so happy that I'll never have to watch Mike Jensen in a Husky uniform again."

    Say what you want for his "decison making", but it seems odd that when he was inserted into the Starting Line-up this year the season turned around completely. As I said earlier he played his whole career defending much bigger and much better guys and never backed down. Doesn't it seem strange that with all the great big men in the Pac-10 (Diagu, Frye, Haryaz etc) very few of them had great games against the Huskies. Mike Jensen is one of the biggest reasons for this. I agree that his offense was never that great, but he fit his role very well.

    Anonymous said...

    There has to be a reason why almost every coach in the NCAA's would rather play good defense and hope to stop a guy from hitting a 3-pt to tie/win the game; instead of the "up by 3, let's foul them and let them shoot FTs."

    I don't think it's coaching scared, it's coaching with experience.

    Romar has said that he's 6-1 when down by 3 and not fouling; now he's 6-2. Those percentages mean he's a .750% winner in those situations.

    BLACK said...

    That shit was 100% Mike Jensen's fault, he got called out in the national press and promptly assumed the fetal position. He's a bitch, a fake ass Dolph Lundgren wanna be, what a fuckin piece of shit. 3pts!!!!! in what could possibly be your last collegiate game ever???? What a fuckin Fag. I hope that the Huskies had a fuckin blanket party with his ass in the locker room. For those of you who don't know what a blanket party is, it's when you throw a blanket over someone and stomp a mud hole in that ass.