Sunday, January 08, 2006


Knicks 120 Sonics 116 – FINAL SCORE
Great final minutes of the game
Ray Allen goes baseline away from the Collison pick but doesn’t hit the shot
Marbury runs a pick and roll with Curry. The Sonics defend it well and the ball goes to the rookie Lee in the corner and he hits the 19 footer. Knicks by 2 :21.6 seconds
Ridnour drives the basket and gets fouled but the 90+% free throw shooter MISSES BOTH FREE THROWS.
Down 4 Vlady hits a three to make it a 1 point game with :08 left.
Sonics with :6 left get a good look for Ray but he misses the three.

Sonics 113 Knicks 111 with 1:15 left in the 4th Quarter
Ohhh Vlade !!!!!! back to back three ties it at 111-111. He has 7 three’s
Ohhh Vlade !!!!!! Valde then hits a pull up
Petro fouls out in 17 minutes - 4 points and 8 rebounds.but 2 of 10.

Knicks 105 Sonics 101 with 4:30 left in the 4th
Sonics are 4 of 16 in the 4th Q and ended the 3rd Quarter 2 of 11
Petro is very active down low but has no idea how to finish in traffic, yet.
Luke has replaced Flip

Knicks 101 Sonis 98 with 6:29 left in the 4th Quarter
Knicks are pounding to Curry
Vlady hit his first 5 three attempts today.
Knikcs on a 6-0 run
Sonics have Flip, Allen, Lewis, Vlady and Petro on the floor.
A little surprised considering how much better Swift has played today then Petro that Petro is getting the late minutes.
Seattle must defensive rebound to win
Sonics are 5 of their last 20 from the field

Knicks 91 Sonics 90 at the end of quarters
The game has gone small. The Sonics are playing three guards and Reggie as the center
The Sonics can’t stop the basketball at all. Marbury is killing them going through the lane
The tempo is amazingly fast.
The game is going to come down to if the Sonics can continue to bury the three and if the Knicks are able to live at the free throw line.
Sonics allow 30 in the 3rd Quarter

Knicks 73 Sonics 67 with 8:45 left in the 3rd Quarter
Sonics can’t stop anything.
They are getting pounded deep and dribble penetration is an issue
Nate Robinson with another big play – a 4 point play

Sonics 62 Knicks 61 at end 1st half
Sonics are not doing a very good job on the defensive glass.
Nate Robinson propelled the Knicks in the 2nd Q back in to the game
The Sonics are living by the 3.
The Sonics allow 36 points in the 2nd Quarter

Sonics 55 Knicks 53 with 2:50 left in the 2nd Quarter
Sonics are 7 of 11 from 3
Nate the great is on fire – 8 straight points for the Knicks
Vlady commits back to back terrible turnovers and then doesn’t grab a rebound and gives the Knicks another two points. He has the jumper going today, but he is making it tough on Coach Hill to keep him on the floor.
Once again the Sonics struggled with Ray off the floor.

Sonics 44 Knikcs 39 with 6:54 left in the 2nd Quarter
Petro gets his 3rd foul – he really is having a tough time today.
On the other hand, Swift is playing very well
Sonics lead by as many as 10
Reminder – Allen and Marbury were traded for each other on draft day
The Knicks have brought in Trevor Ariza to guard Ray Allen who is on fire

Sonics 35 Knicks 25 at the end of 1 Quarter
Great offensive quarter from the Sonics
Swift and Collison are setting very good picks.
Jerome James has quickly reminded me of why he drove us batty. Does I. Thomas actually watch the NBA or have anyone who watches the NBA before he signs players?

Sonics 26 Knicks 21 with 2:33 left in the 1st Quarter
Robert Swift is holding his own in the post.
He hit a really nice 9 foot turnaround jumper. He shot the same shot the other night and in the simulblog I mentioned how nice it looked. It really could be a dynamite move.
Jerome James is in the game to guard Swift.
Sonics are hitting the three’s – 4 in the Q

Sonics 19 Knicks 14 with 5:46 left in the 1st Quarter
Not a lot of stops in the early going. Knicks have scored on 7 of the first 8 possessions and the Sonics have scored on 7 of their first 8.
Eddy Curry is crushing Johan Petro. Curry has beat him deep in the block and they have crushed the Sonics on the high pick n roll
Swift replaces Petro at the 7:00 who committed two fouls.
Sonics are without Danny Fortson and Vitaly Potapenko

Weiss v. Hill
• Effective Field Goal % defense, which weights 3 pts shots, has gone from 30th in the league at 54.2 to 2nd in the league at 45.9 almost a 10% difference.
• Offensive rebounding has disappeared from 32.7 % 3rd in the NBA to 26.4% of offensive rebounds
• Sonics aren’t shooting under Hill, their effective field goal % is 44.3 which would be last in the NBA
• Under Hill Sonics defense has been entirely making the other team miss, they are not rebounding and not forcing turns

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