Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Impressive performance by Seattle.
They played a disinterested team and they kept them at bay for the entire 48 minutes.
Great job staying focused after the fight.
Rashard Lewis was a go to guy tonight in a big way. 50 points. The Sonics ran everything through him tonight.
When Luke hits his shots the Sonics are really impressive.
Another good night from the young centers.
If you want to know what bad leadership will do a team,

Sonics 96 Magic 85 with 5:24 left in the 4th Quarter
Nick Collison just made a game saving play. Ridnour had his shot blocked and Collison had the smarts to catch the ball out of the air and throw it up toward the hoop and it went in as the shot clock sounded. The Sonics were desperate for a bucket.
Sonics finally gave Lewis a break and ran a play for Flip

Sonics 94 Magic 85 with 6:45 left in the 4th Quarter
Swift fouls out after 18 minutes. His pick setting is a huge asset.
The Sonics are running everything through Rashard without ray. Who long can Rashard handle this?
The Sonics need some easy baskets or this is going to get a little tough.
For the first time tonight the Sonics obviously miss Ray.
10-3 Magic run – Magic in the bonus.

Sonics 84 Magic 66 at the end of the 3rd Quarter
Seattle is toying with a disinterested Magic
Lewis is killing the Magic .

Sonics 78 Magic 61 with 3:32 left in the 3rd Quarter
The Sonics are really clicking.
Bob Hill is working this game. He is pushing the guys and then when he feels the need to slow down and get the exact possessions he wants he puts a halt to it and calls the play.
Sonics are working everything through the post to Rashard.
This has been impressive.

Sonics 69 Magic 54 with 7:13 left in the 3rd quarter
Great start to the second half.
The offense is really crisp. It looks better when you make shots and Luke is burying everything.
The ball movement is terrific and the I point again to the knowledge of where each guy is on the floor.
The flip side is the Magic are not doing anything to prevent any Sonics movement.
Steve Francis has been brutal tonight.

Sonics 56 Orlando 47 at the half.
Nice job by the Sonics to re-gain focus.
Lewis has 18 and Ridnour has 12.
Seattle played very well in the first half. They moved the ball terrifically and they made Orlando work on the offensive end

Sonics 42 Magic 36 with 5:12 left in the 2nd Quarter
It is really hard to focus on the game after the fight.
Keyon Dooling went after Allen in the tunnel after they were ejected and was held back by security,. Everyone is tough when they have 3 people holding them back.
I am not sure what the suspensions will be since it went into the crowd. Last year’s fight between Nene and Marcus Camby were 4 game suspensions for each player.

Sonics 37 Magic 26 with 10:14 left in the 2nd Quarter
Ray Allen just went off on Keyon Dooling.
Ray Allen was running his route and when he stopped Dooling just decked Allen the way a linebacker would get a running back. When Allen came to his feet, Dooling stood over the top of him. When Allen wanted his spaced and he and Dooling embraced and fell into the crowd where Allen was on top of Dooling and busted him with an impressive right hook. When the players were being seperated Dooling threw a punch at Allen while he was being held by a Magic player. Dooling clearly instigated the altercation.
Both Allen and Dooling got ejected. This will not be the last we see of this. Their will be lengthy suspensions and longer then usual because it went into the crowd.
I have never ever seen Ray Allen snap the way he snapped. He lost it. You think of him as the ultimate gentleman, but it is clear that he has a braking point and we just saw it. WOW

Sonics 31 Magic 21 at the end of 1st Quarter
Sonics forced 6 turnovers in the Quarter
Rashard, who has been struggling has a great match-up tonight and is killing the Magic in the post. He has 12 points
Ridnour has 9.
Now the real question is whether or not the Sonics maintain this energy all night without a let down to let the Magic back in the game.
This was an all around effort rather then just outscoring a team.

Sonics 29 Magic 18 with 1:06 left in the 1st Quarter
Wow Seattle looks great.
Luke Ridnour has 9 points and has been awesome.
Defensively the Sonics are getting their hands on balls and are playing aggressively defensively.
The double teaming of Howard is working terrifically

Sonics 16 Magic 8 with 5:57 left in the 1st Quarter
Bob Hill has instituted a 2 dribble contain rule. If you can contain your man for 2 dribbles all of the help defense should be able to align itself
The Sonics defensive rotations look a great deal better so far tonight. They have worked as a unit very well.
Offensively the floor is well spaced and the guys seem to have a really good idea where each guy is on the floor. That is so much of offense, knowing where the other guys are going to be.
Hill really wants to offense to be relentless in their pressure on the defense. So far that has been evident.
The Magic look really disinterested.


1) Sonics without Reggie Evans and Danny Fortson against a good rebounding team
2) First home game for Head Coach Bob Hill
3) Steve Francis matched up with Ray Allen
4) Can Rashard get going?

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