Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I like to play around with stats to find a player’s value. Building off a stat created by John Hollinger I have built a stud% and a dud% stat. The Stud% is built to reward those players who shoot above the league average and are able to get their shots off a lot. The Dud% is to penalize the player who takes a ton of shots to get his points.

The theory behind this is the value of a possession. If Chris Webber takes 23 shots to get his 20 points that is not valuing a possession. On the other hand, if a player only needs 15 shots to get 25 points that gives his team amazing value.

Also, I believe strongly in the free throw and the 3 pointer. Yes, this seems contradictory. You constantly here commentators talking about how teams rely too much on the three, they seem to be forgetting that the 3 counts 50% more then a two.

In addition, the free throw is an amazingly high percentage possession.
To understand the numbers a 0 is league average. Anything over 50 or under 50 is worth noting. Above 100 is unreal and below –100 is considerably bad

Stud % Leaders (600 minute min)

  1. Paul Pierce 185
  2. LeBron James 167
  3. Chauncey Billiups 166
  4. Richard Jefferson 155
  5. Wally Szczerbiak 133
  6. Manu Ginobili 129
  7. Kevin Garnett 127
  8. Channing Frye 122
  9. Shar Abdur-Rahim 118
  10. Elton Brand 114
  11. Steve Nash 114
Paul Pierce and Chauncey Billiups are having amazing seasons. It is really surprising that two Timberwolves make the top 10 and that team is having a hard time scoring. Having a rookie in this list is remarkable. How Larry Brown isn’t playing Frye more is a mystery. Ike Diogu will lead the league when he becomes eligible.

Dud% Leaders (300 minute min – crappy players don’t get as much time)
  1. Jim Jackson -206
  2. Raymond Felton -202
  3. Rashad McCants -182
  4. Antonio Burks -160
  5. Travis Outlaw -159
  6. Ryan Bowen -158
  7. Eddie Griffin -144
  8. Kris Humprhries -142
  9. Malik Rose -129
  10. Quentin Richardson-127

Next on the list are Carlos Arroyo, Desmond Mason and Johan Petro.

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