Saturday, January 14, 2006


One win to the Super Bowl. This is going to be a crazy week in Seattle.
I am currently in Whistler taking a day or two to engulf the awesome powder snow. I left the mountain early to watch the ball game and here is good, the bad and the great. Just to let you know the Seahawks love has spread to Whistler. People are running around screaming, the bars were packed with Hawks fans and there is some serious partying going on here as well.

The Good
  • The Hawks were the superior team. Despite all the things we will throw into the bad category and their were a few, the Hawks were in control of the game, because they were superior from player 1 to the last player on the practice squad.

  • Darrell Jackson had an enormous game. He caught 9 of the 16 completions. The biggest thing is that he caught two deep balls. That was a part of the offense that had been quite for most of the season. Now with D-Jack healthy and a deep ball threat there is nothing left for the offense.

  • The pro-bowl play was key again today. Run left behind the pro bowl offensive lineman and a pro bowler fullback and the Hawks converted that on many key plays.

  • Amazing versatility from the Hawks to handle Shaun Alexander’s injury.

  • Mike Holmgren said this week that the key to the playoffs is to stay healthy and have your quarterback play at the top of his game. Hasselback did exactly that this week. He was very strong.

  • Defensively the Hawks 1st half was really amazing. The defensive speed was terrific. The week off my have brought back the legs and aggressiveness of the youngsters. LeRoy Hill and Lofa Tatupu continue to make fantastic plays on run defense.

  • The pass rush was terrific all game. The Hawks rarely brought the blitz and they got to Brunell or flushed Brunell from the pocket a ton with just a 4 man rush. On back to back plays in the 1st half the Hawks flushed Brunell twice with just a 3 man rush and in the end of the game they got to him with a 4 man rush consistently.

  • Nothing is better then when the right guys make the big plays. Mack Strong’s huge run on 3rd down was the key to solidifying the victory. Chuck Darby who is largely responsible for changing the culture of the defense had a huge sack in the 4th Quarter of the Skins final drive.

  • There is a side story to the long Mack Strong run. I believe the play is audible for Hassleback. When the opponent shows a blitz that is an overload from one side the Hawks added this season an audible where they run no matter what the down and distance is. This is why it has been so vital to have Alexander as the running back on 3rd down. In past year’s this has not been an option if it was 3rd and long. However, the running game has been so good that the Hawks have put it into the audible package this season. Instead of Alexander it was Strong and it was the play of the game.

  • To win in the NFL playoffs you need a run defense. The saying defense wins championships is overrated, but you have to be able to stop the run and the Hawks did an amazing job on Clinton Portis

  • A signature of this team all season long has been the answer drive. That is exactly what they did in the second quarter after the Skins took a 3-0 lead.

  • The pass to Joe J in the opening part of the third quarter on an audible that got blown up by the cornerback jumping the play and then Hasselback improvises and lobs it out for JJ for a huge pick up on what has a TD drive.

  • Bryce Fischer was awesome all game.

  • Holy cow could have the special teams return game been any worse. Two turnovers in the kicking game. That is insane. Jimmy Williams is lucky he is still on the team and someone didn’t cut him at halftime. That is totally inexcusable. Special Teams can’t turn the ball over. Josh Scobey gave the Skins a chance to win the game when he fumbled the kickoff

  • The defense was great all day with one exception. The drive immediately following the Hawks touchdown drive that put the Hawks up 17-3 and they immediately allowed a 4 play touchdown drive. It was vision of the past.

  • Alexander’s fumble in the red zone is the type of play that costs you a playoff game.

  • The passing game was really out of synch in the first half. The Skins’ ripped away the timing of the Hawks offense for most of the first half.

  • Getting greedy the Hawks had plenty of chances for a knock-out punch and didn’t do it. After taking a 14-3 lead the Hawks had the Skins on 3rd and 17 and they allowed it to be completed to Moss. Then the Skins converted on a 4th and 2.

  • Moss getting open on the 4th down rollout is another example of the Hawks not being able to close it.

  • Ken Hamlin being a part of the game, raising the 12th man flag.

  • No more mention of 1984

  • The defense dominated a game.

  • One win to the Super Bowl
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