Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Obviously, 4 games into an era is way to early to make any conclusions. However, I thought it was amazing how after just 4 games the numbers of the Sonics under Bob Hill and under Bob Weiss are absurdly similar. Despite, different line-ups, different rotations and a different approach, things seems terribly similar. Check out the numbers below.

Pace – Amount of trips up the floor in a game
Off and Def – Efficiency Rating. Pts scored or allowed per 100 possessions
EFG – Effective Field Goal Percentage, which weighs 3 pt shots for their extra value
DEFG – Defensive Effective Field Goal Pecentage
OffR – Offensive Rebounding Percentage
DefR – Defensive Rebounding Percentage
TO% -- Percentage of possessions in which you commit a turnover
DT)% - Percentage of possessions in which you force a turnover
FTA -- Free throws per game
DFTA – Free throw allowed per game

Coach  Pace  Off  Def   EFG  DEFG OfR  DefR TO%  DTO% FTA  DFT
Weiss 93.5 108.2 114.9 49.2 54.2 32.7 70.8 13.8 15.4 26.7 29.4
Hill 92.7 107.9 115.7 47.1 50.6 35.0 64.8 11.2 12.4 26.5 31.8

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