Friday, January 06, 2006


Pistons 97 Sonics 85 Final Score
Strong effort
The offense is not there right now.
Defensive effort was good, however the end result was not a very good rating
Rashard Lewis was terrific and has become unguardable.
The Pistons took Allen out of the game.

Detroit 89 Sonics 77 with 3:16 left in the 4th Quarter
Huge play – Billiups took a three in front of the Sonics bench, When he got set he stepped on the foot of Bob Hill who was on the court. Billiups took the three and and the ref called bench interference on Hill which means the shot counted and a tech which the Pistons hit. A 4 point mistake by coach Hill. This is either back luck or a really bad move by Coach Hill.
The Sonics went from down 7 with the ball to down 11.

Pistons 80 Sonics 70 with 6:16 left in the 4th Quarter
Allen enters for Luke, Funny how within one night we have the same line-up on the floor as we did under Weiss
Same result with the same line-up.
Second night and our new coach doesn’t want to go to Vlady, doesn’t want to go to any of the young bigs. It seems like we have already gone full circle.
Pistons are making the plays and Seattle is not.

Pistons 74 Sonics 68 with 8:50 left in the 4th Quarter
A very selfish possession to open the Quarter. Flip jacked a terribly tough shot he is now 3 for 14, then Evans decided he needed to go one on one at Ben Wallace in the post and he turned it over, That is a quick way back to the bench for Reggie
Ridnour, Flip, Lewis, Nick and Reggie on the floor to open the Q.

Pistons 68 Sonics 65 at the end of 3 Quarters
Looks like this match-up was too much for Robert Swift in Hill’s mind
Reggie Evans has re-appeared
Lewis has been brilliant in the 3rd Quarter.
The Sonics continue to really apply pressure on the Pistons with their offense.

Pistons 59 Sonics 54 with 5:01 left in the 3rd Quarter
Their was a loose ball and Vlady just reached down to go get rather then getting on the floor and it cost the team a possession. I have seen that way too many times from Vlady
Luke has 3 fouls and Billiups is posting him up. Hill will go to Flip.
The Sonics shot distribution is all jacked up right now.
Ben Wallace is killing the Sonics on the defensive glass. Petro has gotten a little excited and is leaving Wallace and going for blocks.
Rashard Lewis is taking it right at Tyshawn Prince. I am not sure anyone can guard him one on one anymore

Pistons 45 Sonics 44 at the half
Solid defensive 2nd Quarter,.
No Reggie Evans again.
Seattle is playing with the Pistons.
Other then a few open floor breakdowns the amount of free and easy opportunities have been greatly reduced.
Limited offensive glass work again and it has slowed down the Pistons.

Sonics 39 Pistons 36 with 2:42 left in the 2nd Quarter
The offensive floor is dramatically different then it was. The Sonics have found a way to get 4 of the five defenders out of the paint and this is allowing the dribble drive again.
Petro has not learned how to finish on the pick n roll yet
The Pistons play again tomorrow and it seems as though Flip Saunders is trying to use his bench and it is not very good. The Spurs have a huge edge there.
Sonics have only allowed 10 points in the Quarter

Pistons 32 Sonics 31 with 5:43 left in the 2nd Quarter
Sonics burst on a 10-0 run. Allen hit two threes.
The Sonics are pushing the tempo at an amazingly fast pace.
Flip Murray is leading one man breaks,. He flushed one of them.
Flip could have value in the open floor, if he passes as well.
Petro had a brutal +/- in Chicago and he is not very good again tonight.

Pistons 26 Sonics 21 at the end of 1 Quarter
This is the match-up of the best offense against the worst defense in the game. At times you could tell but Seattle was at least battling.
Ray Allen’s eye is still giving him problems
Danny Fortson checks in for Petro at the 2 minute mark of the Q
Petro was active in his 10 minutes

Pistons 15 Sonics 13 with 4:45 left in the 1st Quarter
Nice start by the Sonics
The Sups are really pounding the pick and roll and Petro is doing the rolling. When team double Ray Petro is being left wide open. He is missing the shots tonight, but he will get it.
The Pistons offensively look like they are toying with Seattle.
The Sonics have really laid off the offensive glass
The new running system will be successful.


1) How good are the Pistons?
2) Can Ridnour and Allen guard Billups and Hamilton?
3) Petro and Swift night two in the line-up

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