Monday, January 02, 2006


Pacers 115 Sonics 96 – FINAL SCORE
The Pacers were without O’neal, Tinsley and Artest and they drop 115.
This was the best chance to win on the road
The Pacers had lost 4 in a row
The Sonics were so dreadful defensively I am not able to describe it.
No one player to single out, not one concept to single out. Just a question of effort and

Pacers 89 Sonics 71 at the end of 3 Quarters
I really have no idea how the coaches and players watch the film. It has to be just mortifying. There was a rebound a moment ago and two Sonics players just never moved, never jumped and never made an effort. What do they think when sit in the room with their teammates and watch film.
Now on the next play someone just left their best three point shooter wide open. Again how do you explain yourself.
Then on the final play of the quarter no one stopped the ball and the Pacers got another three. Do you care? How do you let this happen. I am mystified.

Pacers 78 Sonics 60 with 4:20 in the 3rd Quarter
Petro commits 4 fouls in 6 minutes of action. He is not ready to play. Knock that option off the list.
It is really hard to come from behind when you can’t defend anyone.
Statistically the defense is getting worse rather then getting better.

Pacers 70 Sonics 47 with 10:00 to play 3rd Quarter
The Sonics start Ridnour, Allen, Lewis, Evans and Petro
What is next?
Earlier tonight Weiss said he is not comfortable with the youngsters yet. I guess a 63 point half can make you comfortable.
7-0 run by the Pacers to open the half

Pacers 63 Sonics 47 at the half
Line of the night from KC – “the Sonics have really picked up their defense in the Quarter as the Pacers are shooting 60%.” The scary thing is that is true.
In the first quarter the Sonics defensive efficiency was 183. Think about that it means the Pacers were averaging 1.83 points every possession. Think about it. That is unreal.

Pacers 49 Sonics 38 with 6.33 left in the 2nd Quarter
Damien Wilkins has come off the bench to defend Stephen Jackson and is slowing him down and Wilkins is making the hustle plays. This is why Wilkins is better off the bench with the ability to defend any position or play any position on offense.
Ridnour should start with Wilkins coming off the bench. Wilkins versatility may mean that he closes games at the point, but he losses that energy when he starts.
Flip is having a good offensive game.

Pacers 44 Sonics 31 8:38 left in the 2nd Q
Here is why Seattle still has a shot in this game. Indiana is not as good defensively as they once were. Without Artest they don’t have that personality. In other words, with this size lead they will relax and the Sonics could get hot.
The Sonics defense has picked up – this means the Pacers have only scored on 3 of the last 6 possessions rather then 16 of 22 in the 1st Quarter. We are dealing with different standards.

Pacers 38 Sonics 23 at the end of 1 Quarter
Watch the Sonics defensively and they don’t have a single player how raises their hands above their waste on defense.
Not a lot to say. The Pacers without O’Neal, Artest and Tinsley scored 38 points in the 1st Q. That is terrible. Absurdly terrible.
It is a real mystery. Do the players not have any pride, do they not have the talent, are the coaching schemes bad? I don’t know the answer I know this. The coaching staff emphasized defense all camp. They have pounded and pounded every practice and it is not clicking at all.

Pacers 11 Sonics 2 with 8:16 left in the ast Quarter
Disastrous start to the game.
The Pacers have scored on 5 straight possessions and all of them have been laty-ups.
Rick Carlise has gone big and is playing Stephen Jackson at the 2 forcing Allen to guard him.

News items and Storylines

Jermaine O'Neal is not going to play for the Pacers tonight
Jamal Tinsley is also out.
Wilkins will start at point for the Sonics. Weiss has said he will only play two point guards.
Danny Fortson is active and available.
Radmanovic is mired in a miserable slump. Will he be in the rotation?

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