Thursday, January 05, 2006


What did we learn in one night under Bob Hill. What I could tell was things are going to be different. What I couldn’t tell is how much better they will be. Let me address the later first. The defense last night in the first half was terrific, but in the second half they regressed back to allowing the other team to score virtually every possession.

It was the third best defensive night of the year, but this is what gets tricky it was the less good then the last time the Sonics played the Bulls under Bob Weiss. What I really learned is the Sonics match-up well against the Bulls.

Here is what is different. Offensively, where really Seattle had a bad night, the floor will be spread and the floor will seem bigger. This is really good news for Ridnour and Flip Murray as both of them need a big floor to succeed.
The youngsters, Petro and Swift, are going to get a shot. Some nights they will commit their fouls quickly and then Fortson and Collison will have to cover other nights like last night they will get to play.

In addition, Bob Hill has a style he played in Indiana and in San Antonio and in one night is was obvious in Seattle, he doesn’t value the offensive rebound, instead he values getting back defensively. He does not want his team over committing and forcing turnovers he wants them in the paint and sealing the paint.

Lastly, this team is going to run most of the offense through Rashard Lewis.

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