Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Sorry I have been a little slow in getting this up. I have been following this story all morning and am still tracking it right now. Here is a quick breakdown.

It is clear the Sonics front office felt the lack of effort and lack of defense was not going to change. Word is that training camp didn’t have the structure and demands that the Sonics had hoped and the concern started before the season even started.

Against Memphis Howard Schultz watched the game from behind the Sonics bench because he wanted to see what was taking place and how the team was being lead.
Obviously, he didn’t like what he discovered.

The Sonics players asked for Weiss and didn’t perform. It in a lot of ways this falls square on the shoulders of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis.


Bob Hill was hired until the end of the season and was not given a multi-year deal.

The word around the league is that Bob Hill is an extremely confident almost cocky man. He has been called a taskmaster. The Sonics hope that some of his confidence will rub off on the team. According to people in the league, both his stay in Indiana and his time in San Antonio ended in personality conflicts.

At Indiana his teams were up-tempo good offensive teams and below average defensive teams. They rarely forced turnovers, but improved every year in FG% defense. Offensively, they were great shooting teams that were ok rebounding and a little loose wit the ball.

In San Antonio, Hill had two great years before being let go in his third year. Again his teams were up-tempo, but this time with the presence of David Robinson was an outstanding defensive team. Again, his teams didn’t force turnovers and didn’t offensive rebound.

From his past experiences you should anticipate a high tempo effective offense that gets back defensively without much offensive board work and then doesn’t gamble or attempt to force turnovers.

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