Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I have three different thoughts on the firings.

This is a sad day because Bob Weiss is a very good man. More importantly, he is a good basketball coach and he is a great basketball mind. Had the players been able to motivate themselves the way professionals should be able to this could have been a really wonderful relationship. Weiss believes in a positive climate and those are the types of climates that last and foster success.

Secondly, something had to be done. I have been saying for weeks that this team is on the edge of a colossal fall. Their defense is so putrid that it was going to catch up with them. It was also clear that the inability to play defense was not changing. The last 10 games were worse then the previous 20. The Sonics were on the verge of a huge fall and management may have just caught it quick enough.

I hope Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis are looking in the mirror today and feeling very guilty. They asked for this man and then they died on a vine for him. The players are the ones that should feel this in their heart. They asked for Weiss they knew what they were getting and they didn’t respond. That is the real issue here, is these players didn’t respond to an environment they requested.


This move may help, but it is a masking agent on a team with issues. Whoever the coach is they don’t have anyone on the perimeter that can defend the ball and there are no shot blockers inside to prevent the constant quest to go the rack.

In addition, the chemistry that was so fantastic last year is broken in this locker-room. Some of the guys got money and some didn’t and it has split the locker-room and the camaraderie is gone.

It is on the players much more than any coaches

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