Monday, August 01, 2005


The Mariners purge continued today as they released Aaron Sele from the roster. The Mariners filled his roster spot by recalling Jorge Campillo from Tacoma.
Campillo has been battling injuries over the past month but, made his first start off the injury last week and will now fill the rotation spot of Sele.
This is the beginning of numerous moves to cleanse the roster of pieces that will not be a part of the Mariners re-birth.
Rumors persist that the Mariners are close to calling up Felix Hernandez from Tacoma and placing him the rotation as well. Some reports have Hernandez pitching in Detroit as early as Thursday.
Once again we are experiencing major league tryouts at the big league level. This is what the minor league system is defined to do. Last year, the Mariners struck out completely in finding anyone who was ready for the big leagues in this tryout period.
Julio Mateo seems to have the most consistent stuff on the staff. Why wouldn’t Mateo be moved into the starting rotation.
Other players that may be on the chopping block include Shiggy, Matt Thorton and Joel Pineiro.


Ableman2 said...

Maybe I misunderstood the following:

"Once again we are experiencing major league tryouts at the big league level. This is what the minor league system is defined to do."

I disagree. The gap between minor and major league hitters and pitchers is huge. Success (in the different ways it's defined) in the minors doesn't prove anything other than your may deserve a shot in the majors. There absolutely has to be a period of time when minor leaguers have to given a tryout to see it they can handle the differences- i.e. a tryout.

Frankly, I think major league teams often have tryouts on the major league level. The snag is that good teams do so only a few at a time and rarely in spots that make or break a team.

Maybe your point isn't that it's a bad practice to have to tryout alot of minor league players, but that in fact having to try out a lot of minor league players is a sign of other (and probably numerous) mistakes...

Anonymous said...

I'm just your average baseball fan, but I think there's a huge difference between AAA and the major leagues. Usually the best minor league talents are at the AA level. It's probably a good idea to give the younger players some major league experience by bringing them up now. How does it hurt the team? With some major league seasoning now, it gives them a head start for the 2006 season.

Mike Barer said...

I wonder if Mike Hargrove really has his heart into this gig.

Anonymous said...

Franklin busted for drugs!