Monday, December 19, 2005


According to 82 the following players team's fall apart when they are not on the floor.
These are the players whose off floor +/- rating per 48 minutes is more then -10.

The Sonics are depenedent upon Ray Allen. In fact, no team in the NBA is playing as poorly as the Sonics when Allen is on the bench. Interesting, that Channing Frye is #2 on the list and that all three of the Nets stars make the list. Realize this list almost automatically discounts any team that is playing very well as it would be impossible to be more then -10 on the bench on a good team.

Ray Allen -24
Channing Frye -14.9
Ricahard Jefferson -13.8
Vince Carter -13.7
Jason Kidd -13.3
Dwayne Wade -12.7
Paul Pierce -12.5
Alan Iverson-12. 0
Kevin Garnett -10.2
Brad Miller -10

Note -- this excludes the entire Portland team and Toronto who is -10 when they are on the bench since the team is -10

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