Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Fantastic news today out of the NFL, five Seahawks players will be representing the NFC in the Pro-Bowl. The selections of Matt Hasselback, Shaun Alexander, Steve Hutchinson and Walter Jones were obvious and deserving.
The most exciting news is that Mack Strong has finally been recognized for being a pro-bowl player.
Strong has played his entire career hidden in Seattle. This is a wonderful accomplishment for a wonderful man. Strong sacrifices at a level that may not be equaled by any player in the NFL. He is Alexander’s personnel protector and deserves as much credit for the yardage records, the red zone success and amazing running games.
This is another reminder of how deadly the Hawks are when they run over the left side. They have a pro-bowler hand off to a pro-bowler who gets a lead block from a pro-bowler running behind two pro-bowlers. Awesome.
Congrats to these five.

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