Wednesday, December 21, 2005 - NBA- Sonics struggling to regain magic of last year

Charley Rosen writes a breakdown of last night's game. Much of what he says is dead on. The most interesting is how surprised he was by Allen's weaknesses. Those are Allen's weaknesses and for what ever reason they are more prevelant this season. He is not a good ball-handler, he gets in trouble off the dribble and he doesn't defend. Those have always existed.
Otherwise, he still believes last year's team played up-tempo when they played slow which I believe is the largest change from last year and maybe the biggest reason for the struggles. - NBA- Sonics struggling to regain magic of last year: "Let's see now ... Jerome James is buried deep in Larry Brown's dog house. Antonio Daniels has thus far been a bust with the Wizards. And Nate McMillian's Blazers are even worse than the Sonics.

Blame the Sonics' woes, then, on evaporated chemistry, over-blown long-range contracts, and a failure to adequately refurbish the roster."

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