Thursday, December 22, 2005


Today the leading steriod abuser franchise in Major League Baseball, the Seattle Mariners, added another one in Matt Lawton. The spin machine is working in full force today around his steriod use last season.

If you listen to everyone around Matt Lawton today including himself they are trying to tell you that he is very sorry for taking the steroids and that it is really ok because it was only for one game and it was just because of the pain. His agent quote is great … 'Hey, if I did it all season and hit 30 home runs, it would be something different. … No really it wouldn’t be any different. MATT LAWTON KNOWINGLY CHEATED. He was willing to cheat the game, the rules, and his fellow teammates to get on the playoff roster.

It is not an issue of the impact. It is an issue of the character of the individual who decides that it is ok to forsake all the rules and cheat for your own personal well being. The spin master are trying to dilute the story with all sorts of different thoughts, the length of time, his honesty, etc. All of that is irrelevant. Matt Lawton made a conscience knowing decision to cheat, to cheat in the most obvious way. That is all that needs to be known.

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