Tuesday, December 20, 2005


In a teleconference today at 5:30, Bill Bavasi announced that the Mariners do not “intend to offer contracts” to Ryan Franklin, Jamal Strong, and Cha Sung Baek. He left the possibility of a trade or a new contract available but stressed that it is “only possible, not probable” that those three would be offered a new contract.

Bill said that the Mariners may still pursue Ryan Franklin after not tendering him a contract, when there is a new financial situation. The Mariners would then be dealing with Franklin as a free agent. Meche was tendered and when asked if that is because Meche has more upside than Franklin, Bavasi responded by saying, “that is one way of looking at it.”

Bavasi also spoke on the left-hander Jake Woods, picked up today, and his future. Woods will either make the Mariners club or be sent to triple-A. Woods “does not have the stuff we may have on the club, but he has more command and a better breaking ball.” This move was a “shot at building up some arms that are more useful than what we have right now.”

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