Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Suns 127 Sonics 120 – FINAL SCORE
The action was insane. Non-stop all night
In the first half Bob Hill stayed big and then in the second half he was forced to go small
Steve Nash is amazing. The comments about his core were really noticeable once you get to it in person it is remarkable.
The Suns never missed a mismatch during the game
The Suns have to incredibly how fatiguing to play both mentally and physically.
The Suns got 33% of their offensive rebounds and they usually get 22%. This was the difference in the game
The game had 98 possessions.
Sonics offensive rating 123 but Phoenix was 132.

Suns 118 Sonics 110 with 3:56 left in the 4th Quarter
Allen hits a transition three that ignites the crowd
Ridnour went one on one on Nash and got rejected and sent sprawling
Nash never looses his balance
The Sonics are going hard at the Suns but they can’t get enough stops to get back in the game
The Suns never miss a mismatch on the floor and get a ton of easy looks because of it.

Suns 102 Sonics 90 at the end of 3 Quarters
This is just pure open floor craziness
Rashard Lewis and Boris Diaw were the centers and Ray Allen and Marion were the power forwards
Spread the floor and penetrate.
Some Sonics players looked gassed at the end of the quarter
The Suns are now shooting 57% and scored 35 points in the 3rd

Suns 92 Sonics 79 with 3:13 left in the 3rd Quarter
The Suns have scored on 10 straight possessions.
In the pre-game conversation with the Suns head Coach he talked about Nash’s core strength and how he never looses his balance. It is unreal to watch up close. He never losses his balance no matter how much he gets bumped.
The pace forces the Sonics into some poor possessions because of mental and physical fatigue. Those possessions cost you the game.

Suns 67 Sonics 61 at the half
I can’t keep up this game to blog
If you look down you miss something
It is just a wild the pace of the game
The Suns penetrate and kick game is amazing.
Ray Allen brought the Sonics back. 19 points in the first half.
The Sups are 7 of 11 from 3
We have played 50+ possessions in the first half.
Lewis needs to play better, he seems out of it again.

Suns 36 Sonics 28 at the end of 1 Quarter
The Suns made their surge when Allen went out of the game. That has been a season long issue.
49 shots in the Quarter – 20 of them three’s
The Suns haven’t taken a free throw – they take the fewest of any team in the NBA
Tim Thomas is killing Seattle he is 6 of 6 and has 15 points.

Sonics 14 Suns 14 with 5:51 left in the 1st Quarter
Holy Smokes – the pace of this game is unbelievable
The floor is open and these guys are running every time
Petro looked like he was going to have cardiac arrest
The Suns took 17 shots in the first 6 minutes
The Suns are the worst offensive rebounding team in the NBA and they already have 5 you can’t allow that.

1) Offense
2) Steve Nash, Steve Nash and Steve Nash
3) Last time was a mismatch jamboree who will create the mismatches this time.


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Reality check: Antonio Daniels has still only missed 1 game, not 20+ as you predicted. And is having one of his best months as a pro this month.

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