Wednesday, March 15, 2006



Florida - They have the best efficiency differential in the bracket and no fatal flaw. Their only weakness is they turn the ball over 18.8% of possessions and only 7 of 44 F4 teams have done that. On the positive side, they are the #2 offensive team in the tournament and 9 of the top 13 offensive teams last year made the Sweet Sixteen and all of the Final Four were in the Top 8. They have the #2 efficiency differential in the tournament. They are 15th in defensive turnover % and last year 12 of the top 16 made the sweet sixteen and all 4 of the Final Four were in the top 13. Gators to the F4

Villanova - Nova doesn’t have a fatal flaw and their only weakness is their effective field goal differential which is 2.8. That is the 11th worst and last year only 2 of the bottom 15 made the sweet sixteen. They make the Elite Eight and lose to Florida.

Ohio State - They Buckeyes only get 49.8% of their rebounds. That is a fatal flaw. Only one team has made the final 4 under 50% of the last 44. To their benefit rebounding is not a major indicator of tournament success. Offense is 7th best in the tournament. They will be Florida’s biggest test but will lose in the Sweet Sixteen.

Boston College - They are without a fatal flaw but they don’t defend. The defensive rating is 85.4 and only 4of the last 44 F4 teams have had a rating over 83. Also, only 6 of the last 44 have had an efficiency differential under 11 and they are 10.3.
The offense is big time. They lose to Villanova in the Sweet Sixteen.

Nevada - They don’t have a fatal flaw. The only concern is their offense is weak and offense wins and they don’t force a lot of turnovers. This team is solid, but to make progress in the tournament you have to score and force turnovers and they don’t do either. Boston College gets them.

Georgetown - They don’t have a fatal flaw. However, they are like Boston College. The two are almost identical statistically. Ohio State ends Georgetown’s season.

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