Wednesday, March 15, 2006



Texas -- The perfect team. I created 9 rules that 65% of all F4 teams over the last 11 years have done. Texas is the only team in the tournament to hit all 9 barriers.. The efficiency differential is #1 in the tournament. Last year the top 4 efficiency differential teams were the Final Four and 9 of the top 11 were Sweet Sixteen. They are also the only team in this bracket without a fatal flaw. Texas is your National Champ.

Duke -- They have a fatal flaw. They only grab 47.8 of their rebounds. No team has made the F4 with a rebounding % that low in the last 11 years. They are the #1 offensive team. They fall in the Elite 8 to Texas who gets 57% of their rebounds.

Texas A&M -- They have a nice efficiency differential. The fatal flaw is bad rebounding, but look for tournament surprises with a defensive turnover rate of 24%.

West Virginia -- An awesome offensive team. However, they don’t defend a lick. They are the worst defensive team in the tournament and the worst rebounding team in the tournament. A good draw will get them to the Sweet Sixteen.

George Washington -- Numbers might not be quality due to the Atlantic 10. They don’t do anything great. They are #7 in forced turnovers but they lose to Duke.

LSU - Prime pick for an early upset. Last year 0 of the bottom 10 offensive teams made the Sweet Sixteen and that is right where LSU sits at 9th worst. They are a defensive based team and those don’t advance. They lose to Texas A&M in the second round.

Iowa -- Another very flawed team. They can’t score. They are the 2nd worst offensive team in the tournament. Last year, 0 of the bottom 10 made the sweet sixteen.

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