Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Rockets 115 Sonics 87 – FINAL SCORE
Not much to say
Defensively this was joke. The Rockets are the worst offensive team in the NBA without McGrady and the Sups allowed 60+ in the first half.
Finally at the end of the night the Sonics had more field goals then turnovers.

Rockets 76 Sonics not very many with 6:39 left in the 3rd Quarter
Is it a bad sign if you are down 30 and your opponent goes on a 10-0 run.
Watson hits back to back three’s to bring Seattle within 34 – look out here we come

Rockets 64 Sonics 32 at the half
When you have more turnovers then field goals you are in trouble. Particularly if you have played 24 minutes.
Rockets shot 66% and the Sonics have shot 22% in the first half
Allen is 1 for 12.

Rockets 56 Sonics 25 with 2:56 left in the 2nd Quarter
Is there ever a point where you can just go home. Just hit he re-set button and say forget.
This would be the night.
The Sonics have no energy, no flow, no interest.
This is really tough to watch.
The idea of the Rockets scoring 56 points in a half is inconceivable. To do it with 2:56 left is even worse.

Rockets 37 Seattle 18 with 7:59 left in the 2nd Quarter
Seattle missed 14 straight shots
This is absurd. The Rockets are a terrible offensive team. I mean really really terrible and Seattle can’t stop them tonight.
Rockets are shooting 60% and the Sonics are shooting 20%
Ray Allen is 0 for 7
Seattle has 8 turnovers and 6 field goals.

Rockets 29 Sonics 10 at the end of 1 Quarter

This one has gotten away in a hurry
Juwan Howard crushed Chris Wilcox early in the game.
Wilcox really is a poor post defender.
Seattle can’t hit a shot tonight
Neither big has been able to handle Yao Ming

Rashard Lewis is out for tonight's game. Damien Wilkins will start in his place. Over the past two years Wilkins has thrived in this circumstances.

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That was fuckin dumb Locke, you put no thought into that at all, just parroting what someone else at the PI already said, LAME.

God this is soooooo awesome, Locke, you're a fuckin' douche bag. Do you know that Gordon Curvey is payin me to fuck with you? There's a whole movement in the Central District to get black people to stop listening to KKKJR until you bring in more on air talent of ethnic proportions (lol). Right now we are passing around a petition to get the 2liveStews on air in Seattle we have 2,647 signatures right now. This is soooo great. :) Have a good one Lockester, ya bitch. :)