Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Are you kidding me !!!! Ray Allen does it again. A buzzer beater on an impossible angle. Allen goes 1 on 1 on Eddie Jones one of the best in the game and hits the game winner.
The game changed when down 86-82 the Sups switched Petro onto Gasol. He forced Gasol off the box and Gasol who was brilliant all night finished the night going 1 for 5 with 2 FT over the final 8 minutes of the game.
Not only did Petro play d but he hit two 15 foot jumpers in the final 3 minutes.
Petro in back to back nights guarded Duncan and Gasol. His athleticism could allow him to be a very special defensive player.
Rashard Lewis got hurt with 2:45 left and Sonics to survive

Grizz 93 Soncis 89 with 3:12 left in the 4th Quarter
Huge play – Lewis missed his signature running hook and when he missed he hurt his ankle and the Grizz went the other direction with a 5 on 4 and Miller hit a three.
Miller has back to back buckets
Gasol got his first shot on Petro
We are back into the halfcourt game and Memphis is putting the clamps down defensively.
Earl Waston is finishing

Sonics 89 Grizz 86 with 5:00 left in the 4th Quarter
Gasol scored on the first threee possession while being guarded by Moore
Since they switched Petro onto Gasol he is 0 for 2 with a turnover.
Allen another nasty three

Memphis 80 Soncis 76 at the end of 3 Quarters
Gasol has 38 points
When will the Sonic double him in the 4th?

Sonics 76 Memphis 75 with 1:30 left in the 3rd Quarter
Gasol scored on three straight possessions on Wilcox he has 36
The game is in the half court for Seattle offensively
Eddie Jones has gotten hot
Seattle is dribbling way to much right now.
Swift’s lack of upper body strength has been evident tonight

Sonics 71 Grizz 64 with 5:37 left in the 3rd Quarter
Wilcox three dunks in the Quarter
Grizz scored on the first 5 possessions, but Seattle has recovered.
Sonics need to keep the pace up.

Sonics 59 Grizz 49 at the halftime
Wow !!!
Rebounding edge 26-12
Bench play has been terrific. Mikki Moore came in for Wilcox and played great.
The game changed when Allen was on the bench and Seattle started there run.

Sonics 59 Grizz 49 at the halftime
Wow !!!
Rebounding edge 26-17
Bench play has been terrific. Mikki Moore came in for Wilcox and played great.
The game changed when Allen was on the bench and Seattle started there run.

Sonics 44 Grizz 37 with 5:55 left in the 2nd Quarter
This is remarkable.
The Soncis have been stymied by the Grizz all year and tonight they are taking it to Memphis.
Earl Watson has changed this team moreso then any player
Swift showed his talent with a great rebound and then sprinted the floor and was there for the put-back. Which he missed and then missed the free throws. So he is not there yet.

Sonics 28 Grizz 27 at the end of 1 Quarter
28 points against the Grizz in a Q is remarkable.
Great comeback.
Gasol has been great and the Sonics have been single teamed. The instinct is to not stay with the single team. I would stay with it. He won’t score 20 every quarter and his teammates are getting stale

Sonics 24 Grizz 24 with 2:51 left in the 2:36 left in the 1st Quarter
Holy smokes Sonics have hit 7 of their last 8 and Ridnour has been the offensive punch.
Most amazingly they have done this with Allen on the bench.
Allen has the biggest discrepancy of any player in the NBA in how his team performs when he is on the floor v. off the floor. This is very rare to make a run with Allen on the bench. Suddenly, if you can make a run with Ray on the bench you can win this game.
If the Sonics score on Memphis after scoring on San Antonio then they are for real offensively.
Earl Watson has been terrific

Memphis 14 Gasol 12 Sonics 2 with 8:00 left in the 1st Quarter
Gasol is dominating !!!!!
Gasol really has developed an awesome all around game.
First possession he put it on the floor at Wilcox and hit a 10 footer
Next possession he got doubled on the dribble and hit Akins for a three.
Then later he put it on the floor and went for the reverse lay-up.
The next possession they re-set him in the post and he hit a turnaround.
Then he got it again on the left block and straightened up on Petro and he dribbled on step to the baseline and then hit a step back from behind the backboard.
He has directly contributed 12 of the 14 points.
Lewis who has been terrible all year against the Grizz has not been very good today


Anonymous said...

Great win. Hopefully we don't play ourselves out of a chance to take Roy. Given that we don't have any glaring holes (sounds funny saying that about a team with our record), Roy would be a great pick for this team -- great defender, diverse offensive game, is willing to do whatever a team needs and has the ability to do it.

the creator said...

Johan was the reason we won.

we are becoming a force for next year!

Dick Tate said...

Hey Anon,
Kiss Roy goodbye. He'll be top 6. The Supes will probably be picking 9-11.

Anonymous said...

Could very well be, Dick. Presuming they come out, I'd guess Aldridge, Noah, Thomas, Morrison, Gay and the Italian kid will all go higher, but after that who knows?

BLACK said...

So, you're gonna try this again huh? Then I shall resume my role as your Arch-Nemisis, muahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Good Luck, Dopey. :)