Sunday, March 26, 2006



It is over !!! Locke's numbers and Mitch the guru both should get an award for inadequacy. Nonetheless, neither bracket has any more chance to score points. That means that the NUMBERS HAVE DEFEATED THE GURU. Certainly, it wasn't a win of elegance but nonetheless it was a win.

Therefore, after making fun. mocking and general disrespect to the concept of picking a bracket via history and the numbers, Mitch Levy will be writing a $200 check to the scholarship fund of Four Winds Westward Ho Summer Camp located on Orcas Island.

Mitch's Final 4 - West Virginia, Memphis, UConn, Boston College
Locke's Final 4 - Texas, Kansas, UConn, Florida

Team's Mitch has in the Elite 8 that Locke's numbers don't -- West Virginia, Memphis, Indiana, Michigan St., Boston College.

Team's Mitch has in the Sweet 16 that Locke's numbers don't -- LSU, Indiana, Pittsburgh, Michigan St., Tennessee,Georgetown

Current Standings
Mitch's Teams left as of the Sweet 16 = 11
Locke's Teams left as of the Sweet 16 = 10

Mitch's Teams left as of the Elite 8 = 3
Locke's Teams left as of the Elite 8 = 5

Big Games in the Sweet 16
Texas (Locke) v. West Virginia (Mitch) --- Locke wins
Villanova (Locke) v. Boston College (Mitch) -- Locke wins
Memphis (Mitch) v. Bradley (none) -- Mitch wins
UCLA (Locke) v. Gonzaga (none) -- Locke wins


Paddy Srinivasan said...

also what happened to mitch's orange men ????? rub it in locke !!

Anonymous said...

Mitch's Final 4 - West Virginia, Memphis, UConn, Boston College

Locke's Final 4 - Texas, Kansas, UConn, Florida

So if the OT games this weekend had gone the other way you'd have three of the Final 4, missing only Kansas. Looks like a clear win for the numbers! BTW on 3/17 you said: ...maybe I should run the numbers on Bradley and George Mason. So did you ever do that for GMU? I think they were pretty close to UConn and Kansas in defensive FG%.

Myk said...

Well the numbers may have "won" against Mitch, but doesn't this prove that using the numbers is a bit flawed. I mean to get only one team in the final four doesn't show the numbers had strength they just showed that they more strength than Mitch's opinion.

Anonymous, your comment about the OT games is interesting but it could also be looked at from Mitch's POV. His Final Four teams were taken out by a last second 3pter, a ugly UCLA game, and two OT games. I would say that Mitch's teams actually came closer to winning (if it weren't for some twists of fate) than Locke's teams.

Sonic EJ said...

What a weak win.

Anonymous said...

I think what this tells us is that you can't just evaluate the top 7-8 teams in a bracket. You need to evaluate every team (e.g., Bradley, George Mason) and then you need to factor in which team has a tough road to advance. For example, I think you would not have taken Kansas as far if you had factored in that Bradley, Pitt, Memphis was a brutal road to hoe. In contract, although UCLA was not a strong in the 'numbers', they had a relatively easier road.

Also, you need to have 3 different sets of "numbers": 1. who is likely to be upset in the first round. 2. who is likely to make the sweet 16. 3. who is likely to make the final four.

Alright, start from scratch and use the numbers to predict the finalists and champion this year.

Sonic EJ said...

What a great idea...hey Locke...would you mind predicting the final 2 and Champ...thanks.

Anonymous said...

Locke you're right, both you and Mitch deserve an award for poor picked bracketts...