Thursday, March 30, 2006


Huskies start their spring practice. As Dick Baird alterly pointed out last year was about getting acquainted this year is about getting something done. Both the Times and the PI have put together their questions to be answered in the spring pieces.

Here is a the Locked on Sports breakdown of this three week run. Of course, Willingham continues his fan unfriendly approach of closing the practices therefore, we will not be able to relay any insight from the practices to you.

Question #1 is at QB – What I think gets interesting here is that Stanback had no growth for most of last year. Now as a senior that becomes a huge drawback for him in the competition. If he doesn’t show amazing growth and blow DuRocher out then I think he losses this job. On the other hand, it is undeniable he is the best playmaker on the offense and you can have that sitting on the bench. Tim Lappano said on the other day we need to have the ball in #4 hands more often. Yet, as a QB being a senior is going to work against him.

Injuries could cripple the spring, particularly to the offensive line. The numbers are so small that if they lose one or two guys it is going to become impossible to make progress for the offense as a whole. This happened a few years ago and really stunted the growth of Gilbertson’s team.

Position changes. There are gaps all across this roster. Most of the players who played last year were inadequate. The real task of this coaching staff is going to find ways to maximize what may be insufficient talent by placing them in the correct positions.

Someone on the defensive line better step up or have an attitude change. Greyson Gunheim hasn’t shown the balls to be a great pass rusher. Donny Mateaki hasn’t been able to stay healthy or be influential when he is on the field. These guys have to change their make-up or the Huskies need to find guys to replace them.

Here is the scariest thing. There are only 3 newcomers that have any chance of making an impact on this roster. Therefore, there better be a huge surge from last year’s freshman who are now physically ready to make a mark. The guy on the top of that list is JR Hasty


Sean O'Connor said...

Wow, you weren't kidding when you said things get ugly in the comments section. Just unnecessary.

I enjoyed reading your commentary, especially that we need to see more of JR Hasty. The Huskies need to get to at least the 4 or 5 win mark this year to get this ship righted.

Myk said...

What a depressing outlook on the season next year. It actually appears the Dawgs may be WORSE this year than last...