Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Wolves 102 Sonics 92 – FINAL SCORE
What is left to be said?
The unnerving thing is now the offense is poor – the offense has been below its season efficiency rating for seven straight games
Lewis was totally non-existent

Wolves 86 Sonics 76 with 8:32 left in the 4th Quarter
AGRHHHH this is so ugly
I can’t tell what we are trying to run offensively
The only thing I see is Ray Allen running the Reggie Miller curls but if it doesn’t work I can’t tell what the secondary plays are.
The Sonics couldn’t play worse transition defense if they tried
Rashard Lewis has been absent.

Wolves 80 Sonics 73 at the end of 3 Quarters
Sonics looked like they were on the verge of the nightly wilt and quitting but they fought through and have stayed in the game.
The Wolves have been a terrible close game team and an awful 4th quarter scoring team
All the focus is on Swift and Petro is getting better and better. Both of them make a ton of mistakes and it may be costing us games, but they are getting better. I would like to see him have more of impact on the defensive end of the game.

Wolves 52 Sonics 50 at the half
This game really rolled into a rather non-descript game amongst two not very good teams.
Wilcox hit a nice 16 footer from the left baseline and has 7 points and 3 rebs
Turnovers are silly, Sonics with 8 and the Wolves with 11
Minnesota ranks 29th in the NBA in free throw attempts and the Sonics have put them on the line for 21 free throws in first half

Sonics 37 Wolves 32 with 8:40 left in the 2nd Quarter
Ray Allen has 7 straight points
Wilcox is in with Swift – I want to see this tandem.
Nick is getting beat athletically too many times. It concerns me that he might just be a 3 post off the bench

Sonics 28 Wolves 28 at the end of 1 Quarter
11-4 run to close the Quarter
2-3 zone has been a problem
Sonics were trying so hard to get Wilcox involved they lost the rhythm
Seattle is being sloppy defensively and putting the Wolves on the line

Sonics 18 Wolves 13 with 5:44 left in the 1st Quarter
Swift continues to show athletic signs that he could be terrific. He just slipped a pick got the pass from Lewis and made a really tough catch, collected his body to avoid the charge and went straight up with the shot. This part was amazing for a 7 footer. He missed the shot.
Then on the other side he was out of position on a Carter drive but went up with him and blocked his shot.
The game is very high paced. The Sonics are not doing very well in transition defense
Talking to a scout today he said KG is a shadow of what he once was and it is obvious he has become a jump shooter.

1) Chris Wilcox makes his debut
2) Effort and energy
3) Minnesota is poor in three areas, offensive rebouning, getting to the line and forcing turnovers. Keep them that way and you win.


Sonic EJ said...

So how about those Sonics eh??? What a great team we have this year... I feel a sarcastic rant coming on so here goes:

Does anyone else wonder how Brian Davis and Craig Elho got hired in the fist place? Man they are bad. Maybe we can start developing talent for next year. Then can we have a top-5 pick in the FSN anchor / color commentator draft at the end of the year? Just thought I’d ask.

How about Ray Allen? What happened to the roughly 30 million dollars worth of leadership that we bought this last off season? I guess watching his chick-fight with Mr. Drooling was worth something right?

BTW, Bob Hill is my favorite Sonic. Why? Because he doesn’t jack up bad shots. Furthermore his shots are usually aimed at management. Something like: “get me a point guard or I’m tanking the season.” That was great!

Live at the hardwood! 5 or 10 game sentences are still available! Go get yours today! "Sure thing"

All right that’s enough for now. I’m done.

Myk said...

Hey EJ,
- You know what I have to hand it to you. You were right about the whole Ray Allen thing I am really regretting that we signed him instead of Larry Hughes. It would have been nice to have a star player who has missed significant time to injury in four consecutive years...

- I still can't believe we let Antonio Daniels walk as well, I mean look how great he has been this season...

Myk said...

I must say though I am pretty impressed with Bob Hill's attitude. Have you ever heard a guy be more cocky after leading his Fordham Rams to a 2-24 season last year??? I think I could even do that..

Myk said...

Oh yeah, final thought. As I said at the beginning of the season the Sonics biggest mistake was hiring Bob Weiss and passing on Flip Saunders...

Myk said...

Can someone explain to me how the Sonics stand to make more money by expanding the Key Arena? I understand the whole adding more space to the concourse for restaurants. That makes sense, I have never understood why more arenas don't put restaurants in their arenas that can be open year round (creating a revenue stream when the arena doesn't even have an event)...wouldn't it be nice if a place like Sport Restaurant was connected to the arena so you could go to the bar before the game and eat and then walk directly into the arena?

But, why does it matter if this is the "NBAs Smallest Arena"? I mean they aren't selling it out now, its not like there is a huge demand for tickets that they can't support due to lack of space. Do they just want to make the arena look even more empty?

Sonic EJ said...

I was wrong about Hughes. He is a chump. I can't always be right.
Although, I was screaming about how bad the Sonics needed to shake up the roster and how we were talking a step backwards after a very nice year in '05.

I don't really get the Bob Hill post. What is your point? Do you think Bob Hill is a bad coach or what? If you do please tell me why, it should be a great read.

Sonic EJ said...

A bar inside Key Arena is a great idea.

Myk said...

In regards to Bob Hill you have one of two ways to look at things.

- Either he is really a bad coach, which would be proven by his horrible stint as a college coach and the fact he actually has a worse record than Weiss did this year. I mean he has totally taken the Sonics out of what was successful for them last year, long possessions and good offensive rebounding.

It may be counterintutive but it seems that it would make more sense to be a slow down type team if you have a good offense and a bad defense. That way you can focus on trying to score 80% of the time and you are limiting the number of times your Defense has to try and make a stop.

- Or he is just the coach of a crap team and no one could do a good job.

Either way, I wasn't making a comment about his coaching ability I was making a comment about what a cocky SOB he seems like. I wasn't even saying it was a bad thing, I actually think it is pretty cool. However, most guys wouldn't be so cocky after doing such a poor job at now his last two stops.

Myk said...

I know at the BoB in Arizona they have a TGIF open year round. If you wanted to get really crazy you could build a whole type of shopping mall around the arena, which might get more husbands and wives to attend the seems like the big problem with the Sonics arena troubles is they feel that the Seahawks and the Mariners have taken many of their revenue streams, so if we are going to pay for another arena they should be creative on how to get people to come to their games.

beavk said...

hey, hmm i heard flip murray for someone in the lakers team is almost a done deal...can't find it on the internet. but lakers fans heard it from their radio. luke walton would ROCK

Myk said...

Damn those were some nice ass dunks by Nate...

Sonic EJ said...

Honest question here: Do fans in Seattle think Luke will be the point guard next time the Sonics are good?

I know the guy gets little to no help with running the offense or bringing the ball up court. What if he did? At that point what does Luke bring to the table each night?

"Well he is terrific in an up-tempo style in the open court on offense early in games that are played on the road in the mid-west time zone on Tuesdays."

Name one point guard in the NBA that in not good in the open court on offense.

I just don't get it. Why are Sonics fans in love with such a below average starting point guard? Fans say we need a back up point, well I say we need a starting point.

Myk said...

- I'm not sure we have seen the best of Luke. To me he seems to have the same career path as Steve Nash. Both were not dominant when they came into the league and Luke has actually improved year over year better than Nash did at the beginning of his career.

- Is Luke really that bad? It is obvious he is a good shooter so I think you can expect his shooting/range to improve as the yaers go by. I would say that teams like Indiana, Portland, Atlanta, Cleveland etc. would kill for him as their starter.

- All that being said I think that it is possible to rely on Luke as your starting your PG if you have other defensive players on your team. To me the biggest problem with the team right now is that your top three players (all on the permiter) all do not play Defense. I just don't see how the core of Allen, Lewis and Ridnour will be able to win consistently. One of those players should be traded and I would focus on Rashard (since he can opt-out next year) or Ray because you could get much better players for them then you would get from Luke.

Sonic EJ said...

Another question for Sonics fans:

What is the maximum # of game a team can win with the 59th and 60th best defensive starting guards in their backcourt?

Can anyone think of a team that won a title with defensive players like Ray Allen and Luke Ridnour?

My point is one of these guy's needs to be replaced before we can think about winning again and since we are currently rebuilding why not start talking about it?

I like Ray Allen but if we need to move him for a more (for lack of a better example) Jason Richardson type 2-guard then fine. Do it. (I like the rumors with Chicago)

If we need to trade for a defensive minded PG like Earl Watson then fine. Do it.

Sonic EJ said...

Hey myk,

Check out

I think you might like it.

Sonic EJ said...

Sorry, that was

Myk said...

That was kind of my point about Luke. I don't think he is that bad I just think we have a bad mix. I think you can include Rashard in the mix. If you got a stopper like Artest or the non-craz version: Tayshaun Prince I think the Sonics would be fine with the firepower in the back court.