Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Here is the latest of what I am hearing …

· The Denver Nuggets have told the Sonics that they will do the Earl Watson deal to the Sonics for Flip Murray and Reggie Evans and a contract if everything else falls apart. The Sonics would likely have to take Bryon Russell as well. The Nuggets are in the midst of numerous conversations around the league including New York and Orlando most prominently. This is looking more and more unlikely.
· The Sonics and the Chicago Bulls have had conversations about Chris Duhon for Reggie Evans. The Bulls are all over the map at this time and there is no deal that is imminent. The Sonics would probably rather do this deal then the Denver deal if Chicago buys in. According, to some sources the Bulls are unwilling to move Duhon.
· The Sonics have also had conversations with the Toronto Raptors for Jose Calderon and the Pacers for Anthony Johnson.
· According to sources, the Wolves and the Sonics had conversations about Marko Jaric however, the Sonics went cold on the conversation.
· Ideally, the Sonics would like to hold onto Danny Fortson and Vitaly Potapenko because their contracts would be valuable pieces to trade along with their draft pick if the right deal came about.

· The Utah Jazz are actively shopping Carlos Boozer
· The Denver Nuggets are trying to move Kenyon Martin
· Numerous reports have the Magic and the Knicks close to culminating a deal for Steve Francis to New York that would include Rainer Beach product Jamal Crawford going to Orlando
· The Blazers deal of Ratliff and Miles to New York for Penny Hardaway is supposedly very close.


Sonic EJ said...

Give me Kenyon Martin! We have the pieces to get it done. Then at least we would have an All-Star caliber player in the front court. (This is a prerequisite to winning.)

Sonic EJ said...

Ok...how does K-Mart sabotage his team?

All I remember is him and Kidd carrying NJ to the finals.

I think injuries and cap room would be the only problems.

Rod said...

I think it was Locke that said this: "You can't win with Kenyon Martin." He's got talent and skills, but he always seems to sabotage his team.

I buy that.

Anonymous said...

can someone explain to me why we're so anxious to trade reggie evans and why he's riding so much pine? was it something specific that happened or does bob hill just not like him?

admittedly i haven't been plugged into the sonics lately.

Anonymous said...

Reggie Evans is an offensive nightmare and plays terrible help defense.

Myk said...

- Do we really want to put our faith in a PF that doesn't rebound that much, has been injured at least three times in his career and now has very, very bad knees? I mean think how bad he must be to go from the top signing for Denver to them wanting to give him away?

- Reggie Evans doesn't play because he sucks. His offense is so bad that it take one of our greatest strengths (offense) and makes it weaker and he doesn't replace that loss with a significant upgrade on the defensive end.

Anonymous said...

not disputing that reggie evans sucks offensively, but we suck at rebounding right now - and he's good at that. it's the same guy we started last year and had success with, so i don't understand why the negativity all of a sudden. he fills a role in which we are currently struggling.

we don't need scorers in the starting lineup, so i'm not concerned with his lack of offense. he sets good screens, he's physical, he hustles and he plays with emotion. seems to me like there's a serious lack of emotion on the team this year. basically, i don't think he's the reason we're losing, but i think it could be argued that we've done worse without him in.