Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Spurs 103 Sonics 78 –FINAL SCORE
Here is my expert analysis
Spurs very good Sonics not very good

Spurs 78 Sonics 64 at the end of 3 Quarters
Notice how many of the Spurs 3’s all come from the corner, they believe that is a higher percentage shot and they build the offense to deliver that shot.
Sonics are without Lewis and Wilcox and Swift was sent home with an injury from shootaround.

Spurs 70 Seattle 56 with 4:04 left in 3rd Quarter
This is a really good team imposing its will on the Sonics.
It has been evident from the beginning that it was only a matter of when not if that this was going to happen.
All season Seattle has wilted under this circumstance and gotten blow out. I would be very pleased with a full night effort
Lewis is going to the locker-room. He has been silent all night.

Spurs 46 Sonics 39 at the half
The Sonics played very well defensively in the first half
Collison has to stay out of foul trouble in the 3rd Quarter
Tony Parker has been unstoppable and the Sonics have to find a way to contain him. Ginobilli doesn’t have a field goal.
Duncan continues to struggle.
Allen can’t get free from Bowen and Lewis is shockingly quiet

Sonics 31 Spurs 31 with 5:36 in the 2nd Quarter
Johan Petro is really playing well. He and Swift are tremendous finds. Huge kudos to the draft staff of the Sonics
Defensively Nick Collison is really helping Seattle a great deal
Wilcox was just ok but he sure is long

Spurs 27 Sonics 20 at the end of 1st Quarter
Rick Brunson makes his first appearance
Seattle got beat by the Spurs on the Spurs offensive glass. This shouldn’t happen the Spurs are a poor offensive rebounding team.
Chris Wilcox played and nothing stood out. He is not very active. He made a really nice pass to Lewis. It is lonely being a Sonics big

Spurs 16 Sonics 13 with 4:10 left in the 1st Quarter
Good start for the Sups
They are doing a nice job in the transition to keep the floor open
Ridnour has made a few nice plays early in the game
Spurs hit Seattle early and they answered back to get back in the game
The only thing that isn’t clear is can the Spurs put their will on the Sonics anytime they want,

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