Tuesday, February 14, 2006


950, KJR’s Locked on Sports has learned that the Seattle Supersonics has learned that the Seattle Supersonics have traded Vladimir Radmanovic to the Los Angeles Clippers for Chris Wilcox.
Vladimir Radmanovic’s Dave Bauman agent has approved the deal and Radmanovic has left the team hotel and is flying to Los Angeles.
This is a terrific deal for the Sonics. They have wanted to get Wilcox for sometime. Moreover, Radmanovic was finished with Seattle and had become visibly discontent with his situation. In addition, he was a free agent at the end of the season and the Sonics have now acquired a very talented young forward.
Wilcox is a 23-year-old 6’10 power forward who is a power jumper and a quick leaper. He defends the goal well, a good rebounder and is a runner. Two seasons ago he started twenty games when Elton Brand was hurt and averaged 10 points and 6 rebounds a game.
Wilcox was a member of the National Championship at Maryland and left school after his freshman year. He was the pick before Amare Stoudamire in the draft.
His contract is still his rookie deal and the Sonics have the option to extend him one more season.


Sonic EJ said...

Praise the Lord!!!

Finally, the Sonics make a move I am in love with. Letting Radman walk would have been a good deal. To get a player of Wilcox’s caliber is incredible! I’m freaking out! Go Sonics!

Kenny0873 said...

I like it, too, but it further complicates the PF situation and has to be a precursor to deals involving Evans and/or Fortson....if not other guys. Wilcox will flourish with more minutes and could be a huge pick-up for the Supes.

Myk said...

Great deal...one thing you have to give the Sonics credit for is that they don't seem to make bad trades.

I am not sure how it complicates the PF situation. We now have Nick and Wilcox, thats it Fortson should never get off the bench again and Evans should only play sparingly. We now have a very good young nucleus to go with Ray and Rashard.

If they get a back up PG they really have no excuse for not performing.

Myk said...

Trade proposal...I really like Rashard but with this trade do you look to move him for a quality PG and let Damien (and his D) start playing in the starting line-up?

Obviously I don't give Rashard away but does a trade for Kirk Hinrich or another PG and decent SF make sense since the biggest problem appears to be D on our team and that might be because there two best players aren't that great at Defense?

Myk said...

An example of a possible trade would be:

Tim Thomas

Ronald Murray

Seattle could start:

Bench: Ridnour, Collison, Petro

Chicago could start:

Bench: Fortson, Murray

I know Chicago is trying to save their cap room but the FA class isn't that great this year so maybe they would like to turn the TT contract into a young SF (Lewis) earlier they were looking to sign Stojakovic, I think Lewis at this point could be considered an upgrade.

DMODE26 said...

I agree with you guys, this is a great trade. It was becoming increasingly clear every game that Radman didn't wanna be here anymore. His carelesness in overtime basically cost us the Nuggets game. Wilcox has a huge upside. He never really had a chance to play with the Clips being stuck behind Elton Brand. The Sonics still badly need to make another trade before the deadline shipping out all their dead weight (Potap,Fort,Reg,Flip) and bringing in a defensive minded back-up PG like an Earl Watson.

DMODE26 said...


I'm sorry but that's a terrible trade idea. If you're gonna trade Lewis then you better get more in return.

AK1984 said...

Well, according to statistics*, Luol Deng is a more productive player (Net Efficiency Rating: +5.2, On-Court/Off-Court +/-: +5.8, Roland Rating: +5.4) than Rashard Lewis (Net Efficiency Rating: +4.6, On-Court/Off-Court +/-: +2.9, Roland Rating: +4.1).


Myk said...

I think it is much more likely that Chicago wouldn't do that deal than Seattle wouldn't do that deal. Those two players are cheap and former lottery picks...its not like it would be a salary dump. Another plus with that trade would be we might (?) be under the cap to sign another FA...

I guess the question is no matter how good at D your PF and C are if your Gs and SF don't play pretty good D (like the current team) will we ever contend. I know that the Sonics would have never done it, but I think Artest would have been perfect for this team...

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