Saturday, December 17, 2005


Jeremy Reed may be staying in Seattle after all. Whether or not this is by Seattle Mariner’s choice is not clear. What has become clear is that Reed is not the only centerfielder the Boston Red Sox are investigating.

The Red Sox are in discussions with the Cleveland Indians for Coco Crisp. The same principals are involved in this deal as well, as the Red Sox are willing to part with Matt Clement or Bronson Arroyo.

With the signing of Washburn it is fair to guess that the Mariners are no longer interested in Clement due to his contract, but could still be willing to make the move for Arroyo.

Here are a few other notes of interest around the world of baseball. Jacque Jones is close to signing a deal, maybe with Kansas City. It will be interesting to see what he got $$ compared to what the Mariners gave Carl Everett. Same applies for Jeremy Burnitz.

Preston Wilson is another name that may sign soon. He has been a produced of Coors Field during his success, but it is another good barometer deal. His year last year for the Nationals was pretty strong considering that ballpark and the league wide drop in numbers due to steroid testing, .260 25HR 90 RBI. Wilson could become a centerfield option if Reed is moved.

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