Wednesday, December 14, 2005


The Carl Everett signing is finally official. Don’t bring any dinosaurs to the park. He thinks they are fake. Here is the breakdown on the field. He fits what the Mariners are looking for: he hits left-handed, he comes on a one year deal

That is it for the positive news. He is aging and declining. He is 35 in June and his last two years he hit .260 and .251, his slugging has been .402 and .435 in hitter friendly parks. Another point don’t classify him as a switch hitter his career numbers are dramatically less good against left handed hitters. Truly if he is your DH his numbers the last two seasons are below average for a DH in the American League. Therefore you have to assume in a pitchers park and 35 years old that he is going to have a career jump to make this a good signing.

While you are signing a DH this has a defensive impact. Let’s remember the Mariners pitching staff over performed what many anticipated last season and the reason was the defense was great. The best part of the defense was Wynn,, Reed and Ichiro ability to get to balls. Wynn was a terrific left fielder. With Evertt you are now asking Ibanez to play 140 games in left field. That will hurt the staff.

Finally considering Bavasi's track record of signing decent mid-level players I would be concerned that this is another Aurilla, Speizio or Reese.

Did I forget to mention that he has been arrestted for child neglect, had one of his kids taken away from him, he got to a highly publized fight with an umpire, he hates gays, he hates fans and he is coming to a town near you this summer.

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