Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Warriors 110 Sonics 107 – Final Score
Baron Davis hits a three to win it.
Ouch --- great game – great entertainment – but wrong outcome.
Tough loss.
The pick and roll from the top in the middle of the third quarter and the fourth is where the game was lost.
Flip Murray did a nice job getting the Sonics back in the game.
Maybe this game can ignite then Sonics to play with the fire they need to play with for the season.

Sonics 107 Warriors 107 with 4.3 seconds left in the overtime
Ray Allen time. He is money. Unreal how clutch he is.
Allen scores on back to back buckets and then hits Collison on back to back high pick and rolls.
Murray is still on the floor and he may not have anything left in the tank
Fischer is such a killer
Baron Davis for no reason rises up to take a three to win it win :27 left and misses.
Sonics get the ball tied and Allen drives to the hoop and misses a tough look drive.
Still tied

Sonics 98 Warriors 98 – Going to Overtime
Flip Murray buries two clutch free throws after Richardson missed two that would have given the Warriors the game.
Murray had 12 in the quarter
Warriors became on outside team.

Warriors 92 Sonics 90 with 3:31 left in the 4th Quarter
Flip has scored the last 3 buckets for the Sonics
Lewis gets an offensive foul with Fischer guarding him in the post – Lewis has to win that battle.
Vlady commits an open floor turnover by holding onto the ball too long.
Derek Fischer is kicking Seattle’s ass.

Sonics 88 Warriors 88 with 5:32 left in the 4th Quarter
Sonics on a 10-0 after the ejection
Sonics have changed their pick and roll defense and are now switching the defense.
Flip Murray is a match-up the Warriors can’t handle.
Bob Hill has not gone back to Rashard Lewis yet.
Great work by Jack Sikma – he just went to Hill and told him he had Rashard on the bench and now Rashard will check in.

Warriors 80 Sonics 76 with 9:30 left in the 4th Quarter
Bob Weiss just blew his lid. The first time he got his Tech on purpose after Davis missed both free throws off a flagrant foul on Danny. I think Bob waited to make sure both free throws were missed before he missed the free throws. Then he went out to half court to meet Benny Adams. On the next play Adams called a really really really late whistle on Danny and Bob went crazy. He met Adams before he got the call out on the foul and got ejected,
The crowd loved it. Bob Hill is now coaching
80-72 Warriors lead at the end of this mess.

Warriors 69 Sonics 66 with 2:46 left in the 3rd Quarter
The Warriors have made a great pick n roll adjustment. They have moved the pick n roll to the top with the ball going to the middle it has eliminated the use of the stopper and is allowing the Warriors to get in the paint.
The Warriors are also running a ton on the curls.
Reggie is just wrecking havoc in the paint
He has no intention on the offensive end to do anything but get the offensive reb

Sonics 50 Warriors 48 at the half
Sonics aren’t shooting well but they are playing offense well. They have a 50% offensive rebounding rate and they have been to the line 20 times while only committing 6 turnovers. Shooting is vital to success no question, but this is an example of how to survive when the shot is not falling.
The Sonics had a little lapse in the second quarter, but for the most part are still playing well on the defensive end.
The amount of deflections will tell if the Sonics are defending.
You would have thought Lewis would go off tonight, instead he is 2 of 9

Warriors 42 Sonics 41 with 2:42 left in the 2nd Quarter
The Sonics offense has gone cold. They have not scored on 5 straight possessions.
The bench veterans of the Warriors, Derek Fischer and Calbert Chaeney are getting the best of the Sonics.
Do we ever get a defensive stop when Mikki Moore is in the game?
Same story as early in the season. The Sonics go to the bench and then never regain rhythm.

Sonics 32 Warriors 23 with 8:48 left in the 2nd Quarter
Sonics defensively are getting a lot of deflections which is a sign of active defense.
The T on Danny Fortson was a good call.
The good Flip is the one the lets the game come to him and takes what the game gives, the bad Flip is the one who forces his game onto the game. We are getting the bad Flip today.

Sonics 26 Warriors 20 at the end of the 1st Quarter
Seattle got out in transition early in the quarter and took advantage of the Warriors poor transition effort.
The Sonics have been very aggressive going to the basket
Jason Richardson was matched on Rashard Lewis and Lewis took him to the post.
The defensive game plan on the pick and roll has been good. They are going under the pick to force the outside shot. In addition, they have helped and rotated well.

Sonics 8 Warriors 2 with 7:20 left in the 1st Quarter
Sonics have 6 offensive rebounds already
The Sonics want to go to the rim, becasue the Warriors have the same amount of shot blockers as the Sonics. -- ZERO
The arena is dead.
There are two match-ups the Sonics want to exploit -- Dunleavy guarding Lewis and the slow rotations of Troy Murphy.

1) Sonics must play some defense
2) The Sonics stopper -- which is their big man helping the penetration from the guards
3) Winning the Turnover battle
4) Ray Allen outplaying Jason Richardson
5) Defensive rating better then 110.

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