Friday, December 16, 2005


Sonics 111 Blazers 99 Final Score
Sonics win this in the first 17 minutes and then cruised.
27-2 run when the Sonics hit 11 straight field goals.
They win with Offense not defense
Portland is awful.
Don;t fret over the late rally that is the reality of the NBA
Vlady Radmanovic does not play in the game and was out of rotation.

Sonics 103 Blazers 93 with 1:03 left in the 4th Quarter
Blazers on a 16-3 run
Weiss pulled Allen and had to bring him back in the game.

Sonics 100 Blazers 84 with 4:19 left in the 4th
Just because nothing this season is going to be easy.
The Blazers on a 8-0 run just enough to make you say no way is there….
Sonics are sleep walking.
Starters are still on the floor.

Sonics 91 Blazers 70 at the end of 3
Blazers had a little flurry but then the Sonics answered with ease.
Without Darius Miles I seriously wonder how many games this Blazers team is capable of winning. 5,6 or maybe 7 the rest of the year. Luckily, Miles comes back in a fewe weeks then they might win another 10 games this year
Not sure this tells anything about the Sonics

Sonics 87 Blazers 65 with 2:57 left in the 3rd Quarter
Not a lot happening worth mentioning. Sonics are scoring at a good enough rate they are in fine shape. The Blazers seem to play hard defensively about 1 every 10 possessions.

Sonics 67 Blazers 46 at the half
Falling apart – let’s hope not but the Sonics forgot to play the last two minutes
The Sonics have allowed the Blazers to scored on 14 of 18 possessions to close the quarter
Ray Allen hits a buzzer beating 3.

Sonics 60 Blazers 29 with 5:01 left in the 2nd Quarter
Sonics scored their 50th point at the 8:00 mark of the 2nd quarter
Sonics have hit all 8 threes
The Blazers are doing everything soft so the Sonics can stay in rhythm.
This is absurd.
The Blazers are fielding is one of the worst teams I have seen.
Truly, they don’t look coached which is strange. They have no defensive rotations, no double teams, seemingly no plan. I know that isn’t the case but that is how it looks.

Sonics 44 Blazers 16 with 9:46 left in the 2nd Quarter
The onslaught continues.
The Sonics have now hit 10 straight field goals and 13 of 14.
Collison opened the quarter with a bucket and Flip hit the next two.
Nate McMillan must be losing his mind

Sonics 37 Blazers 16 at the end of 1 quarter
Rashard Lewis went nuts in the first quarter. He hit threes, he got fast break looks, he pump faked Patterson out of the gym and finished the quarter with 20 points.
The Blazers are awful and the Sonics are slicing them up.
So much of the story coming in was bad defense against bad offense but the real story is the Sonics good offense against the Blazers bad defense
The Sonics hit their final 7 field goals of the Quarter

Sonics 17 Blazers 12 with 5:06 left in the 1st Quarter
The Blazers are as bad defensively as the Sonics
Rashard Lewis is not playing with a lot of energy on the defensive end.
Luke Ridnour is wearing headband from a pre-game incident where he got hit in the head during the team pre-game huddle and needed stitches.
The Sonics better not lose the rebounding and turnover battle or they will lose this game

1) If you can't stop the Blazers you are the worst defensive team ever!!!
2) Sonics must win rebounds and turnovers
3) Sonics energy
4) Ray Allen being guarded by Martell Webster

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