Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Vlady’s side and the Sonics talked yesterday. They are still at a point were they agree to disagree. The Sonics have upped their offer to 6 year 42 million with incentives and the Vlady wants $50 million guarantee. At this point Radmanovic camp is waiting out an offer from some other team. If that doesn’t happen, which seems unlikely, they can sign the 1-year $3.2 million tender before October 1st.
Radmanovic’s camp still believes that the free agent market is robust and they are better off becoming an unrestricted free agent next season. Their belief is that they will be able to get substantially more in the opening market next year then the $42 million dollar offer the Sonics are offering.
The Sonics are standing pat.


Diezel said...

Sign and Trade this fool... So I read on espn.com the sonics are close to signing Vitaly potopenko, the reason we lost game six if his ukrainian a** was paying attention TD would have never got that layup.

Whats up with our bench??? is Damien coming back? is Vlade a starter or coming off the bench. The starting lineup of Rashard, Vlade, Vitaly, Ray and Luke is not scaring anybody in the West. What about Michael Finley??? We cant even use all of our 5 mill exeption cuz the cheap wally refuses to get near the cap or over it.

Every team either ahead of us or behind us except for the champs are making moves. Are we going to do anything before training camp. I can see why Nate left, right now I think Portland might have a better record than the sonics next year.

Sonic EJ said...

SIGN AND TRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonic EJ said...
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Sonic EJ said...

Lamar Odom from LA?

Antonio McDyess from DET?

Paul Pierce from BOS?

Diezel said...

Sonic ej... I love Lamor Odom the guy has madd game, if he can stay healthy and off of the Chronic. But a 6 10 guy who can handle like a point can shoot and he can definately step up and be a leader and plymaker just look at the Heat the year before Shaq, Odom was the playmaker for that team.

Ditto with Mcdeyss, the guy can give u that tough 20-25 minutes off the bench and the difference between him and Reggie is a 15 foot J.

I don't want the truth though I think if we put him and Ray together it would be a situation like in Milwaukee with him and Big Dog, and even though they made it to the Eastern Conference Finals you have to give most of the credit to George.

Biggie said...

Bring in Odom please, that brotha's got some good ass weed. I haven't had any like that since the last time he came to seattle WHOOOOOOOWEEEEEE. We are talkin FIRE.

Diezel said...

He(Odom) was dope on entourage earlier this year. That was the episode where they went to Jamie Pressleys house Party.

Anonymous said...

Sign him. The Sonics aren't making a serious push into the playoffs for another two years anyway. It will be 2 years before Swift and/or Petro are able to really contribute. At that time Danny will be gone and Rashard will opt out of his contract. Does anyone see management giving Lewis more money? That will be the opportunity for the Sonics to get a big in a S/T deal. They'll have money and trade bait.

Anonymous said...

A sign and trade deal for Odom would be great! I'm not sure why Vlady would risk losing out on $42 guaranteed + incentives. If he were to get hurt, on or off the court, it would seriously diminish his value. I'm sure the incentive clause wouldn't be hard to reach.

Scott said...


Learn a little about the CBA before you start cheapshotting management. They CAN'T use the MLE on Finley for a few reasons 1) they don't have a starting spot for him 2) We would not be offering more than Miami 3) We lose Wilkins automatically 4) Finley's lost a step already and 5)He has to WANT to come here.

Sign and trade Vladi to whom? Seriously, who are they going to sign and trade him too and what are they going to get back?

Portland's not going to be close to Seattle. They lost SAR for nothing, cut Anderson, drafted another HS guy and have 5-6 certified knuckleheads on that team. Nate went because of the money, plain and simple.

Blaming Vitaly for the loss against the Spurs is borderline nuts. There was about 3 things that should have happened on that play that didn't and it left Vitaly in no mans land. If he steps up on Parker then Duncan is open, if he doesn't then Parker makes a layin and you're typing that Vitaly shouldh ave been there to stop penetration.

The cheapshots on management and spending are old and completely bogus. They were in the top third of the league in salary last year and if some fans had thier ways they would have huge cap slugs taking up valuable roster slots because thats 'proof' that the Sonics aren't cheap. Man, that's how I want to prove the fans right.

Patrick said...

I think the Sonics are doing the right thing with Vlade. $42M guaranteed with incentives for $50M is a great deal. Incentives were built into Lewis' contract and he has started to actually earn them. The fact that he didn't get paid the bonus' until his play warranted them is perfect. Guaranteed contracts have in recent years given the Sonics players like Jerome James (saved all his game for one playoff series in his contract year), Vin Baker (couldn't climb out of his emotional slump), and Calvin Booth (getting paid by Milwaukee to stay home).

The Sonics made wise decisions to NOT overpay Brent Barry (I was FURIOUS at the time), GP, AD and JJ. Barry and Gary have showed that they couldn't earn the money they got elsewhere, I am certain that JJ will make NY fans dream of getting Baker back, and AD will likely be another Barry. He was great for the Sonics and gave them everything they could ask for. He WON'T be worth what the Wizards paid for.

Vlade is going to sign something between the $42M and the $50M soon. He has a chance to start with Weiss in charge and will get starter minutes to put up numbers in any case. If he signs the tender I see him firing his agent next fall after he gets a weak MLE type deal in Free Agency.


Patrick looks like a fag!!!!

Diezel said...

Scott....Trust me I know about the CBA your list of points has nothing to do with the CBA, the only reason the Sonics cant use the cap is cuz they are not over the cap. And that drive in game six was Ginobli not parker, get it straight.

Theres about 10 guys out there available that I would rather have than a guy making 7 mill a year sitting on the benche with two guys starting ahead of him around the same age or younger. U know nothing about hoops if u go with a starting lineup of Rashard and Vlade where is your rebounding coming from, where are the points in the paint coming from???

And if Michael Finley has lost a step why was Cuban trying to do eveything in the world to trade him to a non contending team. There might be a reason that the 4 best teams from last year are going after him.

You are a fool if u say the Sonics aren't going cheap.... they sign the cheapest coach they could find. Don't re-sign anybody except Ray, and are about to give 42 millon to a Pre-Madonna Hollywood wannbe re-ject in Vlade. The guy thinks he's so Hollywood, I would trade him right now for Corey Maggette.

Being the basketball guru as u seem to be, then you must think you can win a ring without playing defense, which from like the last 10 nba champs that has been proven that u can't.

Where is the Defense from the frontline of VLade, Rashard, and Robert????

In about two years the Sebastian Telfair, Martell Webster backcourt will be better than Ray and Luke. Then with Zach Randolf, Travis Outlaw, and Joel Przbilla that is a very young and exciting lineup.

Your one of the fans Wally dreams of a person who sits and just agrees with every move management makes and is happy with going out in the second round and not winning a ring. You remind me of Jamie Moyer.

Biggie said...

Damn D, don't hurt 'em. LOL That should keep him quiet for awhile, I too would trade Vlade for Maggette RIGHT NOW, in a heart beat. We never should have given up Maggette, wasn't that one of Wallys screw ups?? I believe it was. He's a jackass, and always will be, and you're right if we don't get off our asses Nate and his Blazers are going to be eating us alive in a couple years. Wally must go!!!!

Lance Uppercut said...

Who wouldn't trade Vlad for Maggette? One is a bona fide stud, the other is a whinny piece of no "D'" no rebounding eurotrash.

Biggie said...

Nobody would trade us Maggette for radmanovic, the point is the Maggette situation is just another HUGE screw-up by Mr. wally walker (that scrub gets no caps).

Diezel said...

Black.... I am wit u 100% nfl2k5 is WACK, anybody who bought that was to cheap to fork over fity for madden. 06' is crazy with the new TRUCK stick I am Mcgahee just runnin over fools

Sonic EJ said...

Trade Vlade soon.


"You remind me of Jamie Moyer."

I almost choked to death. That was funny man.

PS:The "Truck stick" is tight!

Biggie said...

Dear Santa:

This is little Billy in seattle, sorry to bug you so early in the year but we have a problem. The problem is this 2 bit piece of no defense playing, no rebound grabbing EUROTRASH. Please come and trade this fool, btw, while you're at it get Rudolph to take a fat crap on wally walker. This clown put some girlie ass braids in his hair and embarassed the whole city on a national stage. Then he has the nerve to whine about minutes, if you don't play 'D', you don't start. Please come get this clown, PLEASE. Thank you, I've been good, I swear that incident with little Suzy Parker behind the portables was her idea, so that should go on her record, right??

P.S. thanks Big Guy, Btw can I have Beyonce this year?? Jay-Z ain't got nuthin on me.



Anonymous said...

please god please can I be a black person????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The mid-level exception is only for teams that are over the cap. So you can have room under the cap, or you can have a MLE, but not both.

Anonymous said...

If Radmanovic was starting for the Clippers, I'm sure he would be putting up the same type of numbers as Maggette. Don't you guys think about these things?

Let's not forget that Maggette was traded a few times before landing in LA. He finally got a chance to play big minutes before putting up his numbers.

At the time of the Maggette trade, I think the Sonics were in a win-now situation. They couldn't wait 5 years for Maggette to mature.

Bitch all you want about Walker, but let's give him some props for the deals (signing & trades) he didn't make and the ones he did. I remember a lot of people being pissed off when they traded away Payton.

Biggie said...