Thursday, August 18, 2005


A quick update on Dale Davis. I just spoke with his agent Chubby Wells and he expects a decision to be made either tonight (Thursday) or more likely tomorrow. Things can change but as of right now the decision is between Seattle and Detroit.
Rick Sund and Wells plan to speak in the next few hours.


P Whit said...


Does this affect the Vitaly signing? Or would we have the two-headed Potapenko-Davis center?

kel said...

I'll bet Diezel and Sonics EJ are breaking out the champagne right now!

P Whit -- From what Locke and Frank Hughes have said, signing Davis would most likely be in addition to Vitaly.

For those of you who have not read Frank Hughe's ESPN collumn on the Sonic's off-season, take a look:

Anonymous said...

it probably depends on how many minutes detroit says he can expect. eldon campbell got 11 minutes a night but played in less than half the games. with rasheed and mcdyess not being young anymore maybe they could shave a few minutes off their time and give davis a steady 15-20 minutes a game. if they offer that, i would think he would go there for the championship possibility.
if they are offering a repeat of campbell's experience, he probably comes here.

Lance Uppercut said...

DD has never really struck me as a guy that is too intrested in winning a ring (which is good for the Sonics) or playing time (which is bad for the Sonics). If the money is the same, Detroit seems like a no-brainer, even if the minutes might be less, but DD has never been accused of having much of a brain, so who knows. One thing is for sure; signing Davis is basically a vote of no confidence for Swift and Petro. Swift would be lucky to get in during garbage time, and Petro probably wouldn't every play.

Diezel said...

kel... I read that article by Frank u know I have my insider page set to the Sonics of course... Now that Frank is on kjr once in a while the sonics must be breaking him off.

How many stiff centers do we need??? If we sign DD and Vitaly why in the h** did we draft Petro???? NO Damien, we sign Ric Brunson and two stiffs.. Oh wow!!! DD cant throw the ball in the ocean he's just as bad a offensive player as Reggie. And he can't make a free throw for the life of him.

Why did they draft Robert so now he could be are 3rd string?? If u draft a guy in the lottery u have to play him sometime right???

I say let detroit get him and PRAY the want to dump Mcdyess, thats a guy I would want.

I am really scratching my head if they sign DD. We have no Guard depth this is SCARY cuz it seems more and more likely the black hole in Flip is coming back.

Anonymous said...

The other thing to keep in mind is who has more money to spend. Detroit is after Finley and/or Sprewell so they'll have to cough up anywhere from $3M to the full MLE to land either of those guys. We might have an advantage on the money end of things.

Also, if Davis is going to make a decision tonight or tomorrow, since the Finley thing isn't wrapped up yet, we might have the advantage because we know what we're willing to offer while Detroit might still be stuck waiting on Finley.

Anonymous said...

Why would Davis want to go to Detroit? He would be competing with Darko for the 10 minutes a game that are available behind the Wallaces and McDyess.

And why would Detroit, with only one roster spot open and a whole at backup SF, want to sign Davis and use up part of the MLE before they've addressed their primary need?

Jason said...

Why would Davis want to go to Detroit? He would be competing with Darko for the 10 minutes a game that are available behind the Wallaces and McDyess.

And why would Detroit, with only one roster spot open and a whole at backup SF, want to sign Davis and use up part of the MLE before they've addressed their primary need?

Diezel said...

Does anyone have any info on this Filberto Rivera??? the sonics are after.

DD could have been had in Lawerence Roberts but we traded him for two future second rounders which the sonics will use to draft some euro stiff and watch him bounce.

Sonic EJ said...

Dale Davis?


No really.

What the hell are the Sonics doing?

Who are the Sonics going to sign with their mid-level?

Is it going to be 2-3 average players?

Damien Wilkins and Dale Davis complement Rick Brunson very well if you are loading up for a run at the 2006 draft lottery.

Is there a team in the NBA that needs a good starting SF who can drain threes? We have 2, lets make a deal.

Come on Sonics this is weak.

Diezel said...

See what the typical sonic fan is.... the guy who posted that we need to save money for nick and luke, you think Miami was thinking they need to save money for D wade this summer, u think clevland was thinkning about saving money for Bron. The future is now, we were on the cusp of taking the world champs to a game seven without two key components and instead of forking over the dough to get a piece that could put us over the top, we sign Ric Brunson, Vitaly, and now we are going after DD. What a joke.

Diezel said...

Sonic ej.... I am glad me, you and black are all on the same page and actually know some hoops. This is a total joke..

Anonymous said...

i agree that the sonic moves so far dont really advance the cause. but sonic management is surely saving money to keep ridnour and collison they way they talk about them. that seems like a fact to me. notice i didnt say i ageed with it. i think they are both good, probably well improve to very good, but havent proven that much yet.

Anonymous said...
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Sonic EJ said...

Saving money for Luke and Nick?

I’ll try not to puke on the computer.

If that is what the Sonics are doing, they will once again prove they are cheaper than I thought.

Man I wish Al Davis owned a NBA team.

Being a fan of his team would be so much more fun.

Anonymous said...

lets watch. i think wilkens, murray walk for nothing. not sure on rad, probably takes his $3.2 million his year then walks or maybe gets sign & trade.

farman said...

I think Dale Davis is a great signing. You will get two old school bangers in the middle..Let's be honest, Robert Swift is not ready and the sonics are not pleased with the development of Swift. Also, if your the sonics, you want Vladimir to sign the 1 year tender. Players will either play their best or worst during contract conclude, I laugh at the extension given to Pendergrass. Look at the last two first round picks the sonics have drafted...interesting...You don't pick Wayne Simeon because he didn't work out for you in Seattle...All they saw of Swift was video tape of a high school game......

Anonymous said...

the draft picks all look like they are aiming to be good in like 2009. ray's signing is the only thing so far that seemed oriented to the here and now and competing in the playoffs the next two years. what they do with the remaining free agents any more outside signings will tell how serious they really are about the next two years. if they let a lot of people go, then maybe Ray was really more of a p.r. transition figure rather than the core of a serious push to be better now.

Diezel said...

And only adding Danny last year.... You are a idiot!!! You act like we did something last year. Wooo Hoo a second round playoff loss, wow how exciting. It's SOFT fans like u that the Sonics don't feel any pressur to make moves. I unlike yourself want to see my team win a championship just not continually going to the playoffs to get bounced in either the first or second round.

Sonic EJ said...

Finally, someone with a brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diezel said...

I agree with EJ... Howard U should hit up Al Davis and see if he's interested. Instead of that Greaser Schultz in his cords and sweater in the front row, can u imagine what it would like with Al there in his Bright yellow track suit.. Bring it AL

Sonic EJ said...

The Bulls obviously don't want to pay Tyson Chandler what he wants to be paid.

The Sonics should over pay to get him.

Get a deal done Wally!

Make a sign and trade Rick!

Fork over some of those bucks Schultzy!

Offer up anything that doesn’t include Lewis or Allen to Chicago and move forward this off season.

Ray Allen is going to be really old really soon and the window will be shut on a title in Seattle.

farman said...

Give me one good reason to overpay for Chandler? What has he done in the last 3 or 4 years....One good year! All injured, always bitching, and why will he do better with more money....there is a reason why the bulls are not willing to max him out and Eddy Curry is the same crap with no heart!!!! you need guys that are hungry to make money, not guys with 7-10 million dollar contracts......think about it.

Sonic EJ said...


I am a recovering Seahawks fan.

Becoming a Raiders fan a few years back was one of the best things I have ever done.

It was hard at first with all the local Hawks coverage and the rivalry thing but it gets easier with time.

Besides the Raiders don’t hate the Hawks the way the Hawks hate the Raiders.

It is really nice to go into the off season every year with your team either fresh off a trip to the super bowl or moving closer to one.

Sonic EJ said...


It is the only way the Sonics can get a player as good as Chandler.

As far as Tyson not being able to play that is just you not paying attention to national sports. Chandler is a stud.

You are right the Sonics do need hungry players to fill out the roster. But first they need talented players.

Dale Davis and Rick Brunson don’t cut it!

farman said...

thats why your an idiot! why would you want to pay Earl Watson 5 million to play 13-15 minutes a game when you can get the same thing with Brunson for 1 got to realize that stars don't me a already have your stars on the need to fill in the extra pieces of the puzzle...when you got players on your roster that know their roles, the sky is the limit....look at what the pistons, spurs, and even the sonics did last year....teams like the mavs, rockets, and suns won't win because they have weaknesses like out!

Sonic EJ said...

So farman,

who should the Sonics take with the 12th pick in the draft next year?

farman said...

12th pick? how do you know what pick they will end up with?

Sonic EJ said...

It seems to be the one they get the most over the last few years.

Sonic EJ said...

Enough arguing,

The Sonics aren’t going to do squat this off season.

Hopefully they get lucky the way they did last year and everything works out great.

If not at least we have Lebron to watch nationally.

pdx said...

Dale Davis was decent his first three seasons in Portland, but he
slowed down his final year here in 2003-04, then spent last season
in Golden State doing basically nothing other than giving the
Warriors the chance to use his contract to get Baron Davis.

Anonymous said...

then went to indiana and posted 9 boards a game.

Sonic EJ said...

How old is he?

Locked on Sports said...

This would be in addition to Vlady

Anonymous said...

davis is 36 but is tough and isnt carrying any excess weight.

his last year in portland he only got 22 minutes a night but his rebounding pace was about the same as 7 per 30 minutes. in golden state he only got 16 minutes but that was an equivalent rate of about 8.5 per 30 minutes. so while he probably has slowed down, he can still rebound pretty well by getting and holding position.

Patrick said...

Dale Davis is a good addition if you Vitaly is the only center you pick up. He has consistently put up at least 8rpg when he has gotten at least 20mpg. His minutes dropped in the last year in Portland and in GS, but as mentioned by another, he went right back up in boards with floor time in Indiana. He an aggressive offensive rebounder, and is much better at put-back scoring than Reggie. He is tough, strong and hard working which sets a solid example for Swift and Petro. He also has a long history of setting solid screens for shooters (see Miller, Reggie). He won't be effective at his age (36) for better than 20mpg, but can back up the 4 or the 5. When you play Vlade at the 4 you need a rebounder at the 5. You have promise in a young guy like Collison, with solid veteran role players like Danny, Dale and Vitaly and a couple of projects like Swift and Petro. Why blow your money on a talented but historically undermotivated youth like Chandler? The market forces you to overpay. You don't get excitement or displays of brilliance with the Sonic's strategy, but you do get consistent production. Their offensive strategy doesn't rely on a stellar big in the paint. It is built around athleticism, speed and great shooting. I'd like the Sonics to do something exciting in the off season, too, but I'd rather see them win a hell of a lot of games and compete with the best in the post season. We were all underwhelmed last summer, and they gave us an amazing season. I reserve judgement until I see the game they bring to the floor.

Lance Uppercut said...

Some of you guys are delusional. Dale Davis does NOT get 8 RPG when he plays at least 20 MPG. Last year, just with Indiana, he averaged 8.9 RPG in 29.2 MPG. That comes to about 6 rebounds per 20 minutes.
In regards to being a better "put back" scorer than Evans, that just plain false as well. I realize that at this point, Sonics managment is just grasping at straws and people are trying to be optimistic about it, but trust me, it's better to just accept that facts and deal with them.

Anonymous said...

dale davis 66% on inside shots

reggie evans 56% on inside shots

Diezel said...

The reason that knowone is making a huge push at Chandler is the fact John Paxson has publicly stated wheter its true or a pr ploy that they will match any offers to there restricted FA, therefore its hard for a team to offer a contract as I think there money is tied up for 10 days, I could be wrong on the days.

They already matched on Duhon, and they will match any offer on Chandler.

Plus Chandler is what like 22-23 U remember when Jermaine O'Neal was burried on the Blazers bench had got into fights in the mall, stuff like that, then he goes to Indiana and now look one of the best 4's in the game. That could be Tyson, thats why u have to roll the dice. U think Sam Dalmebert is worth 60 mill??? NO, but like ej and I have been saying that is what the market is dictating. I mean the Sonics are willing to offer Vlade almost 50 mill with incentives. If your going to spend that much coin I would go with Tyson over Vlade.

Sonic EJ said...

I understand the Sonics do not have the cap room to pay Chandler what he wants to be paid.

I also know John Paxson doesn’t want to give Chandler 60-70 million or he would have done it by now.

Let’s talk to Tyson and tell him to ask for a sign and trade with Seattle.

Fortson and Vlade plus a pick might get a deal done.

Patrick said...

I'll give you it took more than 20mpg...we'll go with 25mpg to get the 8 boards. Certainly less in the last couple of years, but I argue that there will be more available if you are playing Vlade at the 4 when DD is in.
Davis Stats

91-92 20.3 6.4
92-93 27.6 8.8
93-94 34.7 10.9
94-95 31.7 9.4
95-96 33.6 9.1
96-97 32.4 9.7
97-98 27.9 7.8
98-99 27.5 8.3
99-00 28.7 9.9
00-01 26.7 7.5
01-02 31.4 8.8
02-03 29.3 7.2
03-04 22.1 5.2
04-05 16 4.3
04-05 29.2 8.9
04-05 21.4 6.1
Career 28.4 8.3
Playoff 29.5 8.8

Jonathon Combs said...

Hey, Great Stuff. I'll be back to read often.