Monday, April 11, 2005


If you think the first few weeks of the season are the same as any other time you are nuts. Check out the 2001 Mariners compared to last years Mariners. What about this year’s Sonics? They won early and then began to believe they were great. They have won a ton of game because they thought they were supposed to.
For this reason the two losses by the Mariners on Saturday and Sunday were real crushers for a team that needs to get some confidence in their ability to win. This team is going to score runs, but it is going to be a night in night out battle to outscore the opponent.
Mike Hargrove doesn’t have a feel for his personnel yet. He made poor moves on Saturday and then on Sunday it was beyond me why he left Matt Thornton in the game. When a bench player or a fringe player gives you a good outing don’t push it. They will eventually revert back to who they truly are. In hoops the biggest mistake the coach makes is when he leaves his bench players on the floor to wrong because they are hot. The extra minute will turn a 18 to 4 run into a 20 to 16 run in no time. The same way Matt Thornton’s three innings of brilliance became ok by the 4th inning.
Ryan Franklin’s outing today was tremendous. He pitched with a point to prove and you have to admire that. His control was impeccable; fifty-one of his first sixty-two pitches were for strikes through seven innings. With the injury to Madritsch and the questionable health of Meche Franklin very well may spend the rest of the year in the pen.
I have been a huge Meche supported, but I am concerned. I wonder if there isn’t something wrong with his arm the way he complains about not getting into a rhythm and the inability to link one inning to the next.
Does anyone remember when the Scout was on Locked on Sports and said that he would move Madritich to the pen because his motion will lead to arm problems if he is a starter? Do the Mariners notice these things?
Final thought on the Mariners. Adrian Beltre is simply awesome to watch at the plate. His strength is unequalled. His plate coverage is terrific and his approach is very consistent. What a signing.
Random thoughts on other items in the sports world …… I have talked to a few scouts who think Nate Robinson could be a late first round pick. Don’t hold your breath I would anticipate a second round selection. Nate needs a better handle and a better shoot …. Brandon Roy will really need to dazzle at Chicago if he is going to be a draftable prospect ….. Tiger Woods looked like he thought he could win the tournament by playing par golf and then DiMarco forced him out of that plan and Woods could never get back into the rhythm …. Woods win was lucky. How else do you explain his chip going in on 16 and DiMarco’s squirming out on 18.
Onto the NBA …… Flip Murray is killing his value every time he plays right now ….. Don’t count on Danny Fortson in the off-season ….. The Rockets have not been the same since the Juwan Howard injury. Since when did he become so vital ….. Denver is going to be a real bear in the playoffs ….. Rick Carlisle in Indiana has to get strong consideration for Coach of the Year ….. Reggie Miller’s swan song is terrific to watch.
Will the Sonics win the division?


August said...

"Flip Murray is killing his value every time he plays right now"

I agree. He doesn't seem to have any heart in his game right now, when we need him to have that the most. Not just that, but when we do see some fire out of him it only results in a charge or a turnover of some sort. He is way out of control with his dribble and needs to learn how to pass. I wasn't a Flip fan last year and he's alienated me even more this season. The real problem is...his trade value is virtually nothing anymore. Too bad we didn't just dump him last season when some teams might have been slightly interested...

Robert said...

I agree with the Rick Carlisle post. He has dealt with many problems in Indiana, losing superstars for long terms along with Artest for the season. He currently has the Pacers in 5th place all of a sudden and doing it without their frontcourt.

I have to also agree about the Mariners problems with their pitchers. Madridtch is not the first pitcher who has had a big career injury in recent years for the Mariners. Ryan Anderson and Travis Blackley, and Gil Meche for a while, come to mind as arms they Mariners might be hurting. All three of these guys have been Mariners #1 pitching prospects. This is making the future pitching prospects not look so great as once believed.

Robert said...
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Leslie Monteiro said...

Scott Skiles should be the Coach of the Year. I am amazed and amused that he is not getting any votes from the writers. Coaching a team with first to third year players is not as easy task as anyone tasks. For Skiles to get the most out of them and have them play as a cohesive unit in a short amount of time is pretty darn good.