Saturday, April 09, 2005


It is always easy to second guess, but on both of these occasions while I sat at Safeco Field I fore guessed and then the moves didn’t work.

1) When Jamie Moyer was already over 100 pitches and clearly struggling why did Hargrove let him pitch to Sandy Alomar in the 6th? Alomar hits from the right side so it only makes sense that if you are going to go to Shiggy you should do it right away. Furthermore, Moyer in the second start of the season is not in physical condition to be stretched.
2) Why Eddie Guardado on back to back days when he didn’t even have a spring training? Eddie hadn’t pitched a single high level game until he pitched on opening day. The question is who else would have you gone to. With a three run lead why wouldn’t you just stay with Shiggy. I understand that Eddie is the closer and will be the guy, but it is clear he is not ready yet to go back to back days. Heck, he was only registering 84 on the gun today.

Otherwise it was a very positive day at Safeco. Jamie showed he can keep this team in a game. The offense is going to crush the under belly of teams bullpen’s.


Mick White said...

I agree, Eddie Guardado didn't need to pitch in the 9th. He could have brought in anyone but Guardado. I was so P.O'ed with that loss... especially after they scored 4 runs in the 8th that should have won it. arghhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Hey I wonderded why when he had Jeff Nelson up for the second day in a row why Hargrove didn't pack him up and send him out to the mound. You know that he wanted to go out and pitch against the rangers.