Saturday, April 16, 2005


From the looks of things Anne Donovan may have hit the perfect compliment to her Championship team. The team has filled most of the spots on its front court. They acquired a back-up to Sue Bird from Australia and two foreign players to battle for small forward. Therefore, she was looking for a role player to fill needs.

Checking the pre-draft anaylsis it looks as though she nailed it. From this is description of Wright.
>Probably the least talked about lock for the first round, just as she was the least talked about star in the Big Ten. Wright earned first-team all-conference honors by doing the little things in Kelly Mazzante's shadow as a junior and then repeated that honor as Penn State's focal point as a senior. The only knocks on Wright are that she lacks 3-point range and her field-goal percentage slipped dramatically when she took over for Mazzante as the primary offensive option. But even if her offense still needs polish, Wright is a perfect all-around threat for a playoff contender looking to add role players in the second half of the first round.

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Dhruv Padmanabhan said...

can you talk about the seahawks draft prospects now that we are barely a week away from the D Day ?