Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Why is NJ cool and Boston bad?

Over the past week the Boston Celtics have gotten ripped for trading for a 32 year old (opening day 2007 age) shooting guard Ray Allen. New Jersey has been praised for re-signing Vince Carter.

Let me ask you this. Who would you rather have - Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson or Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Al Jefferson?

I would rather have Boston's threesome. So why is New Jersey cool and Boston getting ripped for a bad deal.

Sidenote -- Ray Allen as the third option offensively on a team with a post presence in Jefferson and a good driver in Pierce, who can penetrate and kick. If their is a scenario where an aging shooting guard can survive and thrive this is the one.


Sonics Man said...

Hey Locke, great to see you back blogging again. I was a tough move to swallow finding out the Sonics choose to go in different direction with you. I think your talent is great and your insight is amazing. I plan to be a regualar poster on your blog.

Sonics Man


Movetherock said...

I expect Ray to naturally go for equal or more shots than Pierce and Jefferson will be left begging for the ball frequently unless Doc Rivers lays down the law and uses the hook to drive that point home. Jefferson got 12-13 shots a game last year and I dont know if he can handle 16+ but if he can he should get them. Gerald Green may see his shots diminsh. Can Ray go back to well under 20 shots a game? He could if they are winning but if they arent winning I think it may be more rocky than roses there. And maybe another trade happens in a year or so.

I agree the boston 3 is better than the Nj 3 but add Kristic to Nj and Boston's mess at PG and I'd flip back to favoring NJ's foursome.

Geoff said...

Mr. Locke:

Do you have any sources who have any idea who the Sonics might acquire on the free agent market or through trades now that Rashard and Ray are gone? I have a hard time thinking that they aren't going to bring in at least one major veteran or two to fit in with the nucleus of Durant and Green. Thanks and glad you're back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Locke,
Long time listener locked sports. What do you think about Blazers now? Do you see them contender next few years? Thanks and glad you're back. Blazers fan