Monday, July 02, 2007

Hello Friends

For those of you who have ventured back here to see if I am blogging I am warming to the idea. I am not entirely sure what I have planned for this site but check back and see how it evolves.

I know this. The decision by the Sonics is obviously disappointing. What disappoints me the most is not being able to communicate with the sports fans of the region. Therefore, this will have to be the place.

I also know this.
1) It will not be NBA only
2) It will facilitate conversation
3) It should be fun and informative.
4) Without an editor it will be an embarrassment to the English language.

Glad to be talking with you,

David Locke


Kevin said...

so whats the deal? are you able to talk about why the sonics let you go? oh well there loss, welcome back here and i look forward to hearing more from you, thanks man.

Pat said...

Welcome back, David. I had hoped that you would continue writing/blogging after the Sonics' disappointing decision. It's nice to hear good, creative, entertaining analysis of the NBA and other sports.

Josh said...

Looking forward to it, glad to have you back writing.

Brian said...


I was sorry to hear that you were let go by the Sonics. It is especially disheartening because you left a great job at KJR to do your dream job. If only you could just go back to KJR...

I will be honest in that I was not impressed with the production qualitites of the KTTH broadcasts last season. That is not a knock on you, as I know you wanted to have the best broadcast possible. I think the Sonics made a huge mistake in leaving KJR and moving to a inferior station. KTTH did not have the personnel capable of doing a good broadcast, in my view, outside of yourself. KTTH did not give you the tools and personnel to deliver a top-notch broadcast, and because the Sonics decided to move their broadcasts to that station, the Sonics are equally to b. No disrespect to Francis Williams, but he has no business hosting an NBA broadcast. After some home games I would tune into the post-game show on my way home and it would hurt my ears. Those post-game shows were not in the same league as the ones you and others hosted on KJR in past seasons.

Obviously you had very big shoes to fill in your year as radio voice of the Sonics. Everyone knows KC is the best in the business and nobody can do a radio broadcast like he can. But you do have a passion for the NBA and an immense wealth of knowledge about the game. I know you will land on your feet, and hopefully it is somewhere in Seattle. Again, if you could only go back to KJR...

Take care and keep Locked on Sports alive!

jimw said...

Locke- Thanks for your work with the Sonics and the NBA. You did a good job on the broadcasts and the Sonics web site. I missed hearing your draft insights and all the inside trade info you bring to the table. I wish the Sonics hadn't left KJR because it was would've been a better format for you and the listeners. I missed the Sonics talk post game show, and all the other stuff KJR did pre and post game. Good luck in the future and hope to hear you on the radio soon.

John S said...

Welcome back we've missed you!

Robert said...


I am glad to hear that you are planning on posting your thoughts on your blog. While I may not always agree with you, I always enjoyed your thoughts and opinions on your show. I would be interested to get your thoughts on Rashard, I am disappointed that it looks like he is leaving the Sonics.

Anonymous said...


This is the best news heard in some time. The city needs you as it's going through some confusing times.

I just saw Rashard Lewis shake Otis Smith's hand like it was a Soprano episode and Seattle will end up like Frank Leotardo.

I don't understand and I'm starting to look at my Slick Watts gold headband as a necktie that could be hung from a open-ceiling beam wrapped around my neck as the solution.

Please David, make it all make sense.

Brad said...

I'm guessing that the Sonics just wanted a local play-by-play guy for when they move to Oklahoma. Makes sense for them, I guess (I've never believed for a second that the team intends to stay in Seattle). That said, I'm bummed and upset about how the organization treated you. I always loved your enthusiasm and insight. I'll especially miss the radio post-game talk. You were a great asset to the Sonics. Just a bad deal for Sonics fans. I'm sure you'll go on to other great things though. Best of luck and thanks for all the great commentary!

Anonymous said...


You've done such great work with the Sonics and the NBA coverage during your years in Seattle. I'm sure that you'll line up something good for yourself soon. PLEASE start blogging again. This is an incredibly important time in Sonics basketball and we need your insight.


Scott Self said...

Sorry the Sonics' gig did not work out!

Is play-by-play still a passion or would you rather focus on having your own show again?

Thanks, Scott
A LOS Loyalist looking for some statistical analysis and differing perspective.

Mr.Sam said...

Yes! welcome back david! can't wait to hear from you! oh, and keep us informed abou the Sonics! I hope you won't ignore them for what happened to you, this is a very important year for the team and we need all the support we can get!

Thanks Again!

brycee said...

Hey David, glad to see u back. It's a shame its not purely on the sonics, being a sonics freak! But i definitely enjoyed ur blogs on the sonics site & was surprised to see u go. Anyway, I thought u did a great job!! I was sorry to see u leave, but its great to see u back!

So what are your thoughts on the current state of the sonics? After the initial shock of the draft day, i thought the Ray Allen trade was a good one. I like the basic trade ideal of buy low/sell high - i believe green will be a great pick-up & a good compliment to durant who needs the ball in his hands. I also think D.West could be a great pick-up. And Ray is at at the peak of his trade value.

BUT, losing Lewis (especially for seemingly nothing) really, really hurts! I liked the idea of having Lewis, Durant starting and Green working off the bench into the forward rotation. Now i see A LOT of pressure on Durant in his rookie year. He will be special, but surely it would have been beneficial for him to have a Lewis or Allen on the court with him as well???? If not, a sign and trade for a PG, but now its nothing!

I want to be positive on this, but i think losing lewis for nothing is a huge hit. What are your thoughts on this?? Where do we go now?? Who can we sign on the m.l.e??

Also, i am neutral on the signing of PJ as coach. I can forget the G.S issue as that was a long time ago & Sprewell is volatile at best. I personally liked the look of Carlisle, but that never really looked like happening. What do u think?? I was neutral on Casey as well though...

Anyway, our summer league team looks amazing. And maybe its time for some of our younger underachievers (ridnour, collison, wilkins, swift, wilcox & petro) to step up and be counted this season - they have all shown glimpses in the past.

Its an interesting, albeit nervous time ahead for the sonics to say the least!! And thats just on the court!

Hope to see ur thoughts up here again soon...


René said...

Hey David, nice that your´re are blogging again! I just want you let know that there are people over here in euopre which love Seattle as Town and it´s Teams and over them all the Sonics. It´s great to have a source like your Blog, which was written with true passion!

Stay beeing green and gold David!

You knew me as SuperDave said...

Glad you brought the website back in force David. Your voice is needed, and we have recent evidence that it isn't just recognized media that can make a difference. You on the otherhand can combine years of experience with the immediacy and depth of the web.

This is great news to get after a weeklong vacation

myELFboy said...

I guess this is sort of the "Return of Locked on Sports" article so I'll come here to say WELCOME BACK DAVID! I've missed your discussions and opinions on all sports in WA state, so I'm glad this blog has been revived! Thanks for all you did in trying to rejuvenate the connection between fans and the Sonics.

DORK said...


I had been checking your blog for days after you were uncerimoniously let go. I had given up and on a whim I checked it today. Glad to have you around in a "sport communication" capacity. I missed you during the draft!!!!!