Saturday, July 07, 2007

Free Agents -- Morris Peterson

With Rashard off the board and Billiups and Carter re-signing with the their respective teams we have fallen to the mid-level free agents. This is where most of the mistakes are made by teams. For some reason over the past years, teams have felt obligated to pay players the entire mid-level exception regardless if they are worth it.

Morris Peterson of Toronto is one of those players that is being courted. According to my offensive numbers he comes out very well. However, he has become a purely spot up three point shooter. 47% of the possessions that ended in his hand were three point attempts. He goes to the free throw line very rarely. For Toronto he was a bad match. The Raptors were far better when he was off the floor than on the floor.

However, for another team that wants a spot up shooter he is a nice fit. His offensive rating has him a productive bench player with a similar rating to a Matt Barnes or James Posey.

The Utah Jazz will be hosting Peterson on Monday and may be able to finalize a deal.

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nwfunk said...

I thought Mo Pete was an excellent rebounder for his position. After looking at his stats, it looks like he's slowing on that front and Delonte West has comparable rebounding numbers, as well as fg% and 3pt%.

I hope D.West gets a chance and beats out Szcerbiak. My head will explode if I watch too much PJ and Wally.