Saturday, March 11, 2006


John Clayton had another tremendous show today on 950, KJR. Some of the news from the show. The Hawks are making a strong run at cornerback Wil Allen. The Cleveland Browns are on the verge of signing Big Joe Jurevivus and as has been talked about Marquand Manuel is expected to move to Green Bay.

The real issue to keep an eye on is the Vikings. They have contacted Steve Hutchinson's agent and they have huge money to spend for the All-Pro Guard. The Hawks have the ability to match, but the problem is the Vikings can try to do some creative things in the contract that make it very hard to match the deal. Seattle knew they might be playing with fire when they transitioned instead of franchised Hutch and the fire may be a Minnesota offer.


Myk said...

Hmmm interesting scenario with Hutch...what to do, what to do. Do we really want to pay our two OL 14 million a year???

One could argue with a good RB like Shaun it is not necessary (although very nice) to have such a good line. Funny how everyone was questioning if it was worth overpaying for Shaun and instead it turned out to be discussing if we should over pay for Hutch..

Diezel said...

No Joe J, Marquand, possibly no Hutch and Rockey, and the Cardinals getting Edge, and St. Louis getting Glover, Witherspoon, and Chavious, I know Ruskell pulled all the right moves last year but so far this off season it is questionable at best some of the moves or lack of they have so far this off season.

Will Allen is horrible!!!! Burnt toast, a first round bust, why you think New York rather have a 32 year old Sam Madison?? with Trufant and maybe Will Allen and Herdon as our top 3 corners in our division is very very scary.

Mike Barer said...

I don't know, lately the Vikings are in the dumps with the Saints. I really don't see that team being rebuilt for awhile. I think Hutch is much better off staying put.