Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Locked on Sports: Now we'll see the real Alexander

Locked on Sports: Now we'll see the real Alexander: "What will the motivation be at this point? Will his ego put him on a quest to Canton, Ohio, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Or will the accomplishment of his primary goal, the contract, create a slippage in his performance?

Contract in hand, will he look beyond the team elements of a running back -- blitz pickup, pass routes and decoy situations -- and become even more obsessed in his quest for stats?

These are the questions that Alexander will answer in the upcoming years. The much-debated character and approach of Alexander will have shown all of its cards.

Somewhere in my gut, I believe we have seen the best of Alexander. The MVP season in which he refined many of the rough edges of his game will be the highlight."


Mike Barer said...

Do you think his performance will fall or do you think he'll ask for more money like TO did? The season before last, we did see the ugly side of Saun. The structure of the NFL makes 2 consecutive trips to the Super Bowl extremely unlikely. If we can return next year, noone will care if he performs or not. At least not at this stage.

Mike Barer said...

In addition, we have to get Hutch signed.
From what I see, Tim Ruskill is a salary cap wunderkin.