Sunday, March 05, 2006


The Seattle Seahawks have signed Shaun Alexander to an 8 year 62 million dollar contract. More details to follow……. Here is the link to the FoxSports Story.


Anonymous said...

Could this be a pre-cursor to a return trip to the Super Bowl? Should we book our tickets for Miami now?

Anonymous said...

I am happy they signed him. It means great things for this francise in the coming years. However, isn't 8 years is way to long? I really don't think Shawn has 8 years of productive playing left in his career. Maybe three years. I wonder if the money is guaranteed? If it is, the Seahawks will be paying Shawn long after he is gone.

Myk said...

the point of the contact being 8 years was to be able to spread the signing bonus over that time. They will be able to cut him and only pay 2million per year in dead money.

Jonathan said...


I know the length of contracts in the NFL really doesn't matter all that much, but goddamn, that makes me nervous.

I think they are needlessly overpaying for a solid back. I have a hard time believing Edge, who is just as a good a player in my opinion will be able to land a 60+ million 7+year contract.

I've liked everything Ruskell has done since getting here, so I'm not going to question this, but it makes me nervous.

Anonymous said...

This is a average signing at best.

They could have picked from an endless number of backs from free agency and the draft and replaced Alexander at 1/3 of the price.

I'm not saying this is a bad move, but it's an average one.

It's good from a PR standpoint and the runningback position is now set for atleast the next three years.

However, the market for Alexander wasn't going to fetch him this type of offer.

The length, doesn't matter. Sam Adams once signed a deal for 8 years and he was cut the very next off-season. They put that in place so they could put the nice big 62 million as the total. They do this all the time in the NFL.

Could they have gotten the same production out of Mike Anderson/Jerome Harrison/Weaver combination?

IMO, probably.

I like Alexander and he will likely retire as a Seahawk, and be the 2nd Seahawks inducted into the HOF.

I like that he's never missed a game. I like that he seems to be a good person.

Sonic EJ said...

Good to see the Seahawks make soild move after solid move. This is the ideal situation for the Seahawks. The 8 years is not a problem. Alexander will be lucky if he sees year 4. I never thought I would say this but: Once again, amazing work Seahawks.

Myk said...

The same production from a Mike Anderson/Jerome Harrison/Weaver combination?....

Are you on crack? Look I have never been a huge Alexander fan but to say that you can find someone who will give you the same production is just ignorant. If you were willing to let him go for a cheaper back it wasn't because you could easily replace his production it was because you would go more to a passing game in the red zone.

If Shaun can give us 3 or 4 more years I think that is fine. His number one attribute is the fact that if we are within the 5 yard line we score no questions asked. That is an amazing feeling to have as a coach.

Anonymous said...

Am I on crack?

I think they would total 1,800 yards rushing together.

I think they would be able to get around 15-20 touchdowns.

And I think Harrison may actually be able to catch a pass thrown to him.

All the rushing touchdowns aren't going to happen again, for shaun, or for anyone else.

The weak schedule helped pad alot of Alexander's crazy stats.

He's probably the 2nd best runner in the NFL but he's not historically one of the greatest to ever play which his statistics might suggest.

Myk said...

Yes you are on crack that is just STUPID to think that any back can run for 1,800 yards. Especially an undersized back, who isn't going to be drafted until the third or fourth round..

Mike Barer said...

I understand there are no guaranteed contracts in the NFL and the contract is probable backloaded like crazy.

Anonymous said...

Read what I wrote.

Mike Anderson has rushed for over 1,000 yards, and if they used Harrison as a change of pace back they could probably sneak another 500-800 yards of production.

I have alot of confidence in the best offensive line in the league.

Myk said...

Yes, I read what you wrote...Jerome Harrison is not going to get you 600-800 yards as a back up and Mike Anderson has had two healthy seasons in the last 7 years...why gamble on these no names when you don't have too?