Saturday, February 04, 2006


The comment zone is open and will be open all night and game. Go Hawks !!!

3:30 can not get here soon enough. Let me give you a few things to chew on between now and then.

When the Seahawks have the ball.
  • Look for the Hawks to use a lot of 3 wide receiver set. Keep an eye on how the Steelers defend the inside receiver.

  • Norm Chow, Titans offensive coordinator, told us that the Steelers want to avoid have Troy Polamalu in assigned coverage. How can Mike Holmgren avoid that.

  • The number 1 key will not be the Joey Porter match-up, but will be whether Robbie Tobeck can handle Pro-Bowler Casey Hampton. Tobeck had a poor game against Dallas and the 3-4 and also had a league leading 10 holding penalties. That must be avoided.

  • Can the Hawks receivers take advantage of the Steelers corners.

  • When the Steelers have the ball.
  • Watch how many players the Hawks have in the box. Where are they aligning the safeties?

  • I suspect the Hawks will blitz very rarely and the question will be can Roethlisberger find open receivers and make the correct reads.

  • Rocky Bernard has been brilliant. How will the Steelers block him? Will they double him and leave Wistrom and Fischer in single coverage?

  • Can the Steelers guards get out onto the Hawks linebackers and dominate them physically?

  • Overall Game Trends
  • Tempo early in the game. Watch how fast the Hawks get to the line of scrimmage. A good way to keep an eye on that is if the network is able to get starting line-ups in and if they are able to have long replays. Also watch the play clock.

  • The Hawks have to score early. They have been brilliant early in games and the Steelers have struggled early in games. The Hawks defense only allowed 1 defensive touchdown all season in the first quarter.

  • The Steelers are a great passing team. Yes, all the media has talked about is the running game, but the reality is that the Steelers are a outstanding passing team. It is they just don’t do it very often. A big concern has to be the pass coverage of the Hawks linebackers and the overall play of the secondary.

  • Prediction

    The Hawks will score early in this game and take a 10-0 lead. The Steelers will make plays with their passing game in the middle of the field. The game will get closer, but Michael Boulware will get a huge interception that alters the frame of the game and leads to an easy Hawks touchdown.

    Boulware will get another turnover on his way to the Super Bowl MVP. The Hawks will prevail 31-17.

    Enjoy the day.


    Myk said...

    Thanks Locke, I actually emailed you two weeks ago asking for this...lets hope the Seahawks bring their "A" game in the Super Bowl so we can all actually get to experience a victory parade.

    There has been a lot of talk about East Coast biased these two weeks simply because some media members have picked the Steelers to win. Personally, my biggest problem with all the Super Bowl coverage isn't the person's pick (personally I think the game is a toss up) it is how lazy they are with their justification.

    Here are a few of the favorite things I have read:

    1) In one article on by Scouts Inc. there was a comment that said: "The Seahawks have the best Offensive Line in the NFL"...some would say how is that East Coast Bias...well in that SAME article they follow up by saying: "The Seahawks Offensive Line is going to play the best they ever have to match up with the Steelers Defense". Apparently the Steelers defense isn't good they are unstoppable, not even the best offensive line in the NFL could even stop them without playing their best game EVER.

    2) I am really enjoying hearing about how good Antwan Randle El is. Supposedly he is a game breaking WR...this is despite the fact he didnt catch more than 5 passes ALL YEAR and in the 19 games he has played so far he has caught as many touchdown passes as Ryan Hannam (1). On top of that one of the reasons the Steelers is going to beat the Seahawks is because "you know they have a gadget play with Randle El involved"...honestly are people so lazy that they judge the outcome of the game because a team might have a trick play??

    3) Another writer on says that one reason the Steelers will win is because they have only allowed one 100 yard rusher all season. Now that is some pretty good insight..EXCEPT THE SEAHAWKS HAVE DONE THE SAME DAMN THING!! and Tiki Barber was only able to do it because the game went into OT.

    4) Apparently the Seahawks just look happy to be there. I am not sure how commentators can sense this but the pro-Seattle guys (minority) say that they have had the best practices and are the looser of the bunch but the pro-Pittsburgh guys (majority) somehow seem to think this means Seattle is too happy to be there. I think that it means Seattle knows that they are being overlooked and are ready to come out and dominate the game.

    5) Apparently Big Ben is a better QB than Hasselbeck. Even though Big Ben came into the season as just an average QB (very poor fantasy selection) and Hasselbeck has out performend him in the last six weeks Big Ben is the guy you want with the ball and the game on the line. None of the people that say this will give any justification for their reasoning, it is almost as if they act like this is just some fact that everyone should know...hopefully Matt can shove that opinion up all their A$$e$

    Like I said I think this game can go either way...when you get to the Super Bowl that is how it should be. However, I think that the focus on Pittsburgh (never been a good favorite) will be too much and the Seahawks pull it out 28-20

    Finally, every Seattle fan knows that Skip Bayless is an idiot. Everyone PLEASE just ignore this person. He is such a poor journalist that he can't come up with anything on his own so he just decides to focus on the non-favorite and tear them down. If the Seahawks win the game I think we should all (each and every Seahawk fan) cut out the box score and mail it to him...

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    Anonymous said...

    Go Seahawks, go Seattle!
    We will finaly win the Superbowl!

    Fan from Slovenia, Europe!

    huskymik said...

    GO SEAHAWKS!!! I was 11 when the Seahawks came into the league. This is without a doubt the greatest day of my life!!! I am nervous but quietly confident. I know we can do this and it is going to be great when we do!!

    Mike, Richland, WA

    the creator said...


    Jack W said...

    Refs 4 Sea 3

    Anonymous said...

    the refs impacted the game.
    the hawks lost the game.
    no one to blame but themselves...

    2 missed field goals in the Super Bowl, in an indoor stadium?

    Punts into the endzone?

    Dropped passes?

    Seahawks choked. Plain and simple.

    Anonymous said...

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