Friday, February 03, 2006


Bad night for the Sups
Too bad they never got it going offensively because they weren't terrible defensively.
The Sonics got nothing from their supporting cast. Vlady was awful. Flip was Flip. Luke was poor and the bigs were outclassed by Yao Ming

Rockets 98 Sonics 75 with 3:00 left in the 4th quarter
Nothing to be said
A full out blow out.
Sonics didn’t have a match to the Rockets.

Rockets 73 Seattle 57 at the end of 3 quarters
Sonics offense is not rolling tonight.
We have not seen this type of offensive struggle
The lack of offense is hurting the defense and this one is getting away from the Sups in a hurry
McGrady took over and carried this game for the Rockets
Rockets will go to 11-6 with both McGrady and Ming

Rockets 56 Sonics 49 with 6:31 left in the 3rd Quarter
McGrady has 15 straight Rockets points
The Sonics are having major turnover issues tonight
Lewis is really having a hard time getting looks

Rockets 48 Sonics 43 at the Half
Sorry for the late start.
Turnovers are a big surprise tonight,. The Sonics have 9 turnovers in a slow game and the Rockets usually don’t force turnovers. The Sonics have been the best in the NBA with the ball since Hill took over.
The Sonics hit their shots early and then lost their rhythm
Yao Ming changes the game, the Rockets are a much better defensive rebounding team with him.

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