Saturday, February 04, 2006


What is the next move for Bob Hill?
If he doesn’t fix two issues on the defensive end there is no end in sight.
This team is dreadful on the defensive glass. They only got 55% of the defensive boards tonight. The two main culprits are Radmanovic and Petro. The Sonics are the worst defensive rebounding team under Bob Hill since any team since 97-98
Radmanovic was poor again. He lasted just 18 minutes and never made Drik work.
Also the Sonics are not forcing any turnovers at all. They are last in the league in forcing turnovers. You can’t be last in both of those and survive.

Mavs 90 Sonics 74 with 10:00 left in the 4th Quarter
Wham Bham thank you Mham
8-0 run. Ballgame
Erick Dampier is totally dominating the Mavs offensive glass.
The Mavs are really really good.
If anyone sees Rashard Lewis let me know

Mavs 82 Sonics 74 at the end of 3 Quarter
Johan Petro is killing the team with his terrible defensive rebounding. Petro looks like a guy who has played against inferior talent so he never looks for a body to box out and instead he just waits and jumps. What happens is a more athletic or bigger player comes into the paint and gets a better read on the ball and follows it up and in. He cost the Sonics 4 points in the final 3 minutes of the Quarter
Those 4 points are huge.
Rashard is really far off his game tonight.

Mavs 65 Sonics 63 with 6:01 left in the 3rd
Another great bounce back
Collison replaced Vlady and did a really nice job on back to back plays; His offense is a big problem but he is able to do everything else and needs to be on the floor.
Swift is having his best game of the year.

Mavs 63 Sonics 55 with 8:27 left in the 3rd Quarter
This does not have a good feel
How many bounce backs do the Sonics have in them tonight
Vlady is becoming infuriating to watch. His effort has become sporadic play to play. He is being guarded by Nowitski who is not a good defender and he is doing nothing to make him work.

Mavs 54 Sonics 51 at the end of the 1st half
Sonics did a great job of getting the game up tempo in their model
The game has really had very good defense from both sides.
The Sonics offense hasn’t clicked in yet, but they have received great play off the bench.
Within three at the half without a three point shot and without Rashard Lewis scoring a field goal that is a good sign

Mavs 37 Sonics 30 9:22 left in the 3rd Quarter
Nice bounce back by the Sups
They are getting out in the opening court
Wilkins has 8 points in the Q

Mavs 32 Sonics 20 at the end of 1 Quarter
Mavs went on 8-0 and 16-0 runs in the Q
The Sonics offense disappeared again.
They went 10 possessions without a score
Where is Rashard Lewis tonight? He has only one shot attempt and I can’t recall him being a part of any action.

Mavs 22 Sonics 14 with 4:53 left in the 1st Quarter

Last night the Sonics had no bounce back. This is the first shot to bounce back tonight.
The Mavs are so versitile offensively I can't see Seattle finding any way to slow them down.

Sonics 12 Mavs 12 with 7:04 left in the 1st Quarter
Sonics are making a strong effort to push tempo
Vlady has two buckets bouncing back from a miserable night last night
The bench play will be the issue. The Mavs get stronger and Seattle can’t get consistent play


1) Can the Sonics bounce back from a miserable game in Houston
2) Stopping the Jason Terry/ Dirk pick and roll
3) Will the Soncis get any consistency from the support players?
4) How good are the Mavs

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