Thursday, January 19, 2006


• Locklear will play. Holmgren says he talked with Sean and that he feels comforatbale that Locklear should play. The question that is left unanswered is when the Seahawks talk about the story they know or what they have been told do they go any deeper then Sean Locklear.

• About Carolina = “They don’t have any weaknesses, they are very sound and they have some special players.”

• Rocky Bernard, Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram did not practice today and are very sore.

• Comparing Smith to Moss – “If there is a difference it is how the teams use both athletes. Moss was going downtown a lot. Smith they use him in more ways, he gets more touches, in a lot of different ways.” Athletically, they are both fast. Smith for his size is very strong and has very strong hands.

• The loss of Foster – “It is not that dramatic. Foster is very expolsive. He has great speed. Goings is a different style, tough guy and he is going to go where the play is designed.”

• Comparing Peppers and Strahan – “They area not similar. They have different body types and different experiences. Peppers is taller and bigger. He presents a different set of problems. The players are quite different. But they are both players that you have to start with when you figure out your plan.

• Holmgren called this the best line he has had in the free agency era

• On Marquand Manuel – “I looked at him as a solid safety. I looked at him as a special teams player who did a lot things, then he is our strong safety and calling all the plays. He has had a phenomenal year.

• On the D-Jack touchdown – “That is an athletic play.”

• Peter Warrick will be the punt returner and Bobby Engram will come in if there are any issues.

• I asked him about Jerry Rice and what teams did to shut him out of a game and he referenced what he did to Rice as the Head Coach of Green Bay.

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