Tuesday, January 17, 2006


All signs point to that Alexander is going to play. And he better play and he better play well. The only good thing about his concussion is that no one is talking about his game last week. His 6 carries were awful. I mean terrible. Each time he tried to do too much, the spotlight went on and the Alexander reverted back to the old Alexander. I was convinced that when the national spotlight came on his ego would drive him to run like no man has ever run. Instead, he freaked.
Holmgren was polite about it in the press conference, “if he stayed with the play he would have walked in – he is going to kick himself when he sees it.”

This is how he was on every one of his runs. He tried to do too much. He tried to be the hero rather then follow the play.

Here is the scary thing. In 3 playoff games Alexander has not been good, in fact he has been poor. 3 games – 44 carries and just 94 yards. That is awful.
Last time Alexander faced Carolina he crushed them 32 carried for 195 yards.

All year Alexander has proven ever skeptic wrong and he has improved in every area if he is going to get himself to the biggest stage he better play within himself on Sunday.

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