Tuesday, January 17, 2006


All the talk is that Carolina is going to go Dallas on the Seahawks. They are going to play bump and run with their corners, who are both great and they are going to bring the safety into the box.
It all sounds good but here is why it won’t work. One is the two deep balls to D-Jack change everything. Now if the Panthers want to bring the safeties in the box to stop the run they have to know that the Hawks have the option of going deep on the sidelines and that is an option they haven’t had all year.
Secondly, the Panthers don’t have a Roy Williams or a Sean Taylor at safety. The defensive position you must have if you are going to stymie the Hawks is a dominating safety that can cover all sorts of ground. He has to be able to support on the run and get sideline to sideline in the pass defense.
That is the one area where Carolina is not special.

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