Wednesday, December 28, 2005



Too much against a good defensive team to play with out their point guards
22 turnovers
shot distrubution a problem
poor defensive intensity.

Minnesota 90 Sonics 74 with 6:44 left in the 4th Quarter
Minnesota 7-0 run – ball game
KG dunk, Wally jumper, and a Wally 3.
Fortson had the ball down 8 and committed a silly turnover/foul.
Before we all go nuts about another loss. The amount of times Seattle needed a point guard tonight was amazing. Murray was playing with two dislocated fingers and he was awful and they really missed Luke keeping things together.
Not a lot of teams win in this scenario.
Another episode in the expolosions of Danny Fortson as he was ejected in a timeout
Danny can’t handle any prosperity.

Wolves 80 Sonics 72 with 8:45 left in the 4th Quarter
Sorry for the score typo on the last post
Sonics get it within 10.
The Wolves have lost 5 straight close games. They will be just as tight as Seattle.
In addition, Minnesota will struggle to score if the Sonics defend.
Shot distribution will be vital down the stretch.
Wilkins is still at the point.

Wolves 79 Sonics 69 at the end of 3 quarters
Sonics end the Quarter on an impressive 15-3 run.
Again with Jaric on the bench and KG on the bench for the end of the run.
Wilkins is now playing the poin

Wolves 65 Sonics 47 with 8:00 left in the 3rd Quarter
The rout is on
Flip Murray is awful tonight. As good as he was the other night he is that bad tonight. Oh my. He just drove in the lane with no idea where he was going. His turnover to assist ratio tonight is 3 to1. Which is ok if it is an assist to turnover rate but he is a turnover to assist rate. Also he is 1 of 10.
Ray Allen no shots in the second half.

Wolves 60 Sonics 45 with 9:37 left in the 3rd Quarter
Griffin just ran from outside the three point lane into the paint by three Sonics players, none of them, none of them, none of them touched him. He went through the lane totally untouched. How does this happen ?????? He caught the ball and threw up a shot that was goaltended. It is a miracle that nobody is willing to touch anyone.

Wolves 51 Sonics 41 at the half

Wolves 41 Sonics 33 with 2:47 left in the 2nd Quarter
The Fortson factor once again 15-4 run
Sonics continue the run
At the end of the night we may see the value of Ridnour. The shot distribution seems totally out of whack tonight. Allen has not had a shot in the last 11 possessions and Lewis has only had 1.
If the Sonics are going to complete this comeback that has to rectified.

Wolves 38 Sonics 24 with 6:00 in the 2nd Quarter
As we mentioned in the pre-game show look inside the numbers the Wolves two best Roland Ratings players, judging how a team performs when you are on the floor compared to when you are on the bench, KG and Marko Jaric were on the bench and the Sonics went on a little 7-0 run to quell the embarrassment.
The wolves are bad enough offensively that the Sonics could get back in this game.

Wolves 30 Sonics 15 at the end of the 1st Quarter
A miserable quarter
The way the Wolves go to the basket you would think Seattle has 5 midgets on the floor.
The Wolves are a great defensive team and they are stifling the Sonics in every aspect.
The Sonics turnovers were brutal. They finished with 7 for the Q and at one point turned it over 4 of 7 possessions.
Once again when Ray left the floor the Sonics feel apart. Unofficially without Ray on the floor the Wolves outscored the Sonics 7-0. The Sonics average being outscored a point every two minutes he is on the bench.

Wolves 16 Sonics 10 with 6:30 left in the 1st Quarter
Flip Murray starts at the point
Sonics transition defense is very poor early.
Reggie Evans is matched on KG and it is a terrible mismatch down low. This is a good example of how the Sonics miss Jerome James. Last year the Sonics would start JJ on KG and he would beat him at times but he was never comfortable being guarded by a large 7’1 guy.

Flip Murray jsut finished shot around before the game and it sounds as though he may well be on the active roster and be able to play tonight. I will update you when we know more.

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